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Throughout the year plants and flowers remind us of life. The new green leaves and blooming flowers in spring put a smile on everyone’s face as they signal the end of winter and start of the warmer seasons. Surrounding yourself with nature will add colour to your city trip.

Our favourite European cities have green hearts, from the Vondelpark in Amsterdam to Tiergarten in Berlin, Het Park in Rotterdam, Østre Anlæg Park and Ørstedsparken in Copenhagen, and Djurgården in Stockholm. And the plants and flowers of the city’s and surroundings are definitely worth a visit.

Green cities are sustainable cities

A special highlight is of course Keukenhof in the Netherlands, this yearly spring garden brings a wealth of seasonal blooms and flowering plants to your eyes. While tulips are the standouts here, there are plenty of others to enjoy, including indoor plants for your home.

And then there are the rose gardens in the King’s Garden in Copenhagen, the old-world nature at Skansen in Copenhagen and the old city palace kitchen garden of Lustgarten in Berlin. Seeing nature in city’s shows that the city is healthy, the more green a city has the more sustainable the city is and the better it can deal with hot weather.