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Cycling is almost synonymous with the Netherlands, which makes an Amsterdam bike tour a must do when you visit the city. Whether you explore the inner city sights or travel beyond, to neighbourhoods not often visited by tourists, a bike tour is the way to go in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a cycling haven, with a sprawling network of cycle paths and a cycling culture that's ingrained in the city's life. Hitting the road on a guided bicycle tour is an excellent way to get the real Amsterdam experience, as you weave through the city's vibrant streets, charming canals, and secret spots. From cruising through the UNESCO-listed Jordaan to riding along the peaceful canals, these cycling excursions provide an unforgettable glimpse into the city's history, culture, and architecture. What is the best bike tour in Amsterdam? Naming one Amsterdam bike tour the best would be unfair to many of the great bicycle tours in the city. There are many different types of tours you can do in Amsterdam, and within those there are definitely those that are better than others. What type of bike tours are there in Amsterdam? City centre tours, see the iconic sights Hidden gem tours, discover unexplored neighbourhoods Regular push bike tours, take it slow E-bike tours, up the speed without a sweat Fatbike tours, don’t worry about tram tracks What do you need to know before stepping on a bike in Amsterdam? A country known for its bicycle culture is sure to have some rules and sentiments you might want to be aware of before you join a bike tour in Amsterdam. For instance, unlike in other countries with less bicycle infrastructure, in the Netherlands wearing a helmet is not mandatory. In fact, the only helmet wearing bikers you’ll see will probably be those cycling for sport or tourists. As there is biking infrastructure in place, you will want to make sure to use to it, or the locals may have something (not so nice) to say about it. Keep to the bike lanes (they are usually red), don’t go over the speed limit, use hand signals to indicate a change of direction. And while you might want to film your experience, do not hold your phone in your hands while cycling, as simply holding it can result in a hefty fine.
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Biking in Amsterdam wasn’t always a given Today, Amsterdam is a haven for cyclists, making it perfect for a bike tour but that wasn’t always the case. In the 50s and 60s, the car became the prime mode of transport in the city but that changed in the 70s. Amsterdam's citizens, concerned about air pollution, traffic congestion, and the safety of cyclists, began to demand a more sustainable and liveable city, and held protests throughout the city. The city had to respond and did so by embarking on a wide-ranging plan to prioritize cycling. Cycling lanes were expanded and improved, dedicated bike bridges and underpasses were created, and traffic calming measures were put in place to reduce car speeds. And even now, the city continues to make improvements with speed limits for cars reduced to 30km/h in the city in 2023. Bike tours in Amsterdam and more Biking may be the best way to explore Amsterdam, but if you prefer to take things a little slower you can try your hand at walking tours in Amsterdam instead. On foot it is easier to explore the city at your own pace and take your time at those sights that interest you. When you are walking you can also visit attractions along the way or some of the best nightlife in Amsterdam. Browse our exciting bike tour options and book your unforgettable adventure today!