Keukenhof Gardens Tours

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Keukenhof is the largest flower garden in Europe! The park reopens on 21 March 2024. It is located near the town of Lisse in Holland and only open for a brief period in spring. It has more than seven million flowers on display, of all colours, shapes, and sizes. A day trip to Keukenhof is one of the best ways to see the beautiful Dutch tulips up close and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Purchase your admission-only tickets or join one of our fun day tours to Keukenhof. Make your reservations now and discover this magical place during a day trip from Amsterdam! When you visit Amsterdam in spring, a trip to see Keukenhof's beautiful flowers is highly recommended as there is no place like it in the world. Keukenhof Gardens: an unforgettable experience! Keukenhof is one of the Netherlands’ most famous attractions. In spring, Keukenhof offers a world of colours and fragrances in a peaceful setting. The design of the Keukenhof Gardens is different every year, which offers a unique experience on each visit. Keukenhof is surrounded by long colourful strips of tulip fields, which can be spotted on the way there and at the edges of its 32-hectare grounds. The Keukenhof Gardens are open from approximately mid-March till mid-May, which is when the tulips are in full bloom. Over 7 million flowers, including hyacinths and daffodils and other spring flowers, are hand-planted every year and a total of 800 different species of tulip are on display. There are several meticulously arranged themed gardens, which are inspired by the landscapes of other countries such as Japan and England, as well as a yearly theme. Book your place now to guarantee availability! There are several options available if you want to visit the tulip fields in the Netherlands. You can choose between fast-track entrance tickets, Keukenhof tours from Amsterdam or a number of exciting combinations. The Keukenhof bus tour is an excellent option if you require transportation from the Amsterdam city centre. The combination tickets offer a range of other fun attractions at a discounted price, such as for example a day trip to the scenic Dutch countryside (a must-see during your holidays!). As Keukenhof is only open for a brief amount of time every year, spaces are limited: so make sure you book in advance. Since tulips are a creation of mother nature the weather can influence them. That is why we can't give any guarantees on the number of flowers that you will find during your tour. But not to worry. Good or bad weather, in the Keukenhof gardens there are pavilions with amazing indoor flowers exhibitions from the first to the last day of the season. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity and make your reservations for your day trip to Keukenhof now online!