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Rotterdam Attractions

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Its modern architecture is one of the things that set Rotterdam apart from any other city in the Netherlands. The attractions in Rotterdam also differ from those in other places in Holland. On Tours and Tickets, you’ll find the best attractions in and around the city. When it comes to places to visit in the port city, we know where to go and what to see. And of course for what you need to buy a ticket. Top Rotterdam attractions: from Cube Houses to Miniworld Rotterdam The tourist attractions in Rotterdam vary widely. There is the tallest building in the city and a miniature version of the city itself, as well as miniatures of other parts of the Netherlands. You can go from feeling as small as an ant to as big as a giant, all at Rotterdam’s attractions. We’re sure you won't want to miss out on all these must-visit Rotterdam attractions. So what is Rotterdam best known for? Its architecture and port, which you can see here up close a personal: Cube Houses Markthal Rotterdam Central Station Erasmus Bridge Kop van Zuid There are attractions to do in the city, which will help you to really appreciate these sights. Such as a trip up the Euromast, a river cruise, and a visit to Miniworld Rotterdam. The Cube Houses, also known as Kubuswoningen, are a unique architectural design, conceived by architect Piet Blom. These cube-shaped houses are tilted at 45-degree angles and elevated on hexagonal pylons, creating an innovative and visually striking urban landscape. There is one Cube House which you can visit, the Show Cube, to see what it is like to live in one. The Markthal is a remarkable horseshoe-shaped building designed by architects MVRDV. It is a multifunctional structure that houses a vibrant indoor food market, residential apartments, and various shops, boasting a stunning interior adorned with a colourful, massive artwork covering the ceiling, making it a popular tourist attraction and a hub for locals alike. The city’s Central Station is a major transportation, renowned for its iconic and modern architectural design. The station's impressive structure features a striking curved roof that spans the platforms, creating an open and light-filled space while seamlessly integrating various modes of transport, making it an exemplary model of functional and aesthetically pleasing urban design. The Erasmus Bridge, nicknamed The Swan, is a prominent and striking cable-stayed bridge spanning the River Maas. Designed by Ben van Berkel, the bridge's sleek and elegant asymmetrical design has become an iconic symbol of the city, enhancing the skyline and connecting the northern and southern parts of Rotterdam in a visually stunning way. The Kop van Zuid is a dynamic urban area that used to consist of docklands and has become a modern and bustling district. With its mix of contemporary architecture, residential buildings, office spaces, and cultural venues, the Kop van Zuid has revitalized the city's waterfront, offering a vibrant and diverse area for residents, businesses, and visitors alike.  
Rotterdam attractions offer fun for the whole family! Spot playful animals at Rotterdam Zoo and discover more city gems.
Rotterdam attraction tickets: fun for all ages (guaranteed!)  The top attractions in Rotterdam are in the city centre, some at easy walking distance from each other, while others are more easily reached with the help of a tour, such as the Hop-on Hop-off bus or by renting a bike. All the top tourist attractions in the city are just as much fun for tourists as they are for locals. And you can get tickets to all the must-see attractions in Rotterdam right here. And then there are the places to visit beyond the city limits, in city’s and towns nearby. Such as Kinderdijk with its many windmills, The Hague with its museums and history, and a little further afield the Efteling, the most beautiful and best amusement park in the Netherlands. Book tickets to the top Rotterdam attractions online on Tours & Tickets and experience the city's unique charm!