Hop-On Hop-Off Amsterdam

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What is Hop On - Hop Off Amsterdam? Hop On - Hop Off Amsterdam is the most convenient way to get around Amsterdam, either when you are on a tight travelling schedule and wish to make the most of your time or you just like to explore everything Amsterdam has to offer. It’s a ticket that will allow you to make unlimited use of the red double-decker buses and/or red boats that take you to Amsterdam’s most famous landmarks. The best part is that if you see something that looks interesting and you’d like to investigate further, you can just hop off and check it out. When you’re done, you simply catch the next bus/boat. It’s that easy! Hop On - Hop Off Amsterdam Hop on Hop off Amsterdam has carefully planned routes that will take you past all of Amsterdam’s landmarks and famous attractions. Hop on Hop off Amsterdam is available in two different durations: 24 hours and 48 hours. If you’re staying in town for more than a day, we highly recommend the 48-hour option. Hop on Hop off Bus + Boat Amsterdam: the most complete option Another great option is the Hop on Hop off Bus & Boat combination in Amsterdam. It will allow you to make use of the buses as well as the canal boats that cruise through the historic canal district. Relax as you travel along the canals on sightseeing boats with panoramic windows. Just like Hop on Hop off Amsterdam, Hop on Hop off Bus + Boat Amsterdam is available in 24 and 48-hour options. If you only want to make use of the boats, you can also choose for Hop on Hop Off Boat Amsterdam, instead of Hop on Hop off Bus + Boat Amsterdam. Why use Hop on Hop off Amsterdam? Hop on Hop off Amsterdam will save you time and money during your stay in Amsterdam. You won’t have to bother with the complicated (and expensive) public transport system and the time that you spend traveling will be the time that you are actually city sightseeing. It’s also the perfect way to see the highlights of Amsterdam if you are new in town and don’t know where to start. To top it off, all buses and boats include a GPS audio guide in 18 languages and free Wi-Fi! You can book your Hop on Hop off Amsterdam tickets online. Get your tickets now and enjoy your holidays in Amsterdam to the fullest!