Museums and galleries in Berlin

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Berlin is known for its history and for its incredible memorials and monuments that take us back in time. Today, Berlin is a culturally rich metropolis, therefore, you can't miss the many museums it has to offer. The city has an annual flow of tourists who are intrigued by the famous museums and their ever-changing exhibitions. That's why Berlin is a city that has so much to offer for families, couples and solo travellers as well. At Tours & Tickets, we have something to offer for everyone. Below, you can find out which museums are not to be missed. Some of the most visited and renowned museums in Berlin are the DDR Museum, German Spy Museum and BODY WORLDS. Visit the museums Berlin has to offer! Berlin has been the epicentre of historical events and has museums where you can learn and be inspired. You can go back in time, learn about the war and visit new, high-calibre exhibitions that have just opened or are about to open. Among them is the DDR Museum, one of the most interactive museums in the world where you can learn about history in a simple and experimental way, which is why it's perfect for families. If you prefer to feel like a spy, this is the perfect city for you, as it is known as the capital of spies. At the German Spy Museum you can enjoy an innovative exhibition with high quality, state-of-the-art multimedia installations. Finally, don't miss the BODY WORLDS Museum. A museum that displays real bodies preserved through a plastination process and aims to show the complex structure of the human body and everything that connects us and determines our existence. Book your tickets for Berlin museums online! When you buy tickets through our website, you not only get the lowest price, but some of our tickets also offer fast-track access! This means you can skip the queues at the entrance and save time and money during your stay. So skip the queues and book your tickets online - enjoy your holiday to the fullest and discover the best attractions and museums Berlin has to offer!