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Stockholm is a rich city that has something for everyone, from gorgeous green islands to thrilling amusement parks, you’ll see it all on a boat tour. As the city sits on 14 islands, seeing the Swedish capital with a boat trip is a can't miss experience. A Stockholm boat tour takes you around the islands, under the bridges and on the canals of the city while you sit back, relax and take in all the sights you can see on the waterfront. What to expect from Stockholm boat tours? Most boat trips will take about an hour of your time to show you around some of the city’s islands. With a Stockholm boat sightseeing tour you can experience the city in a completely different way than you will while walking around. The Swedish capital is also known as the capital city that floats on water, taking a boat tour definitely worth your time and money. The starting point of Stockholm sightseeing boat tours is in Gamla Stan, in front of the Royal Palace. From here the boat trips will take you around Skeppsholmen, which is home to several museums and lots of greenery. What other parts of the city will be on the tour differs per season. In summer, Stockholm cruises frequently pass through the Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen, which separates the island Royal Djurgården, a national park, from the rest of the city. In winter, this canal freezes over, making it impossible for boats to pass through. Instead boats will pass south of the national park by the Kvarnholmen peninsula.  Exploring Stockholm’s islands by boat trip Each of the city’s 14 islands has its own history and unique characteristics to explore when you visit Stockholm. The fourteen islands of Stockholm are: Stadsholmen: people often speak about Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town when they mean Stadsholmen. In reality, Stadsholmen is one of four islands that make up the city’s Old Town. Here you can find the Royal Palace, the Nobel Prize Museum and Stockholm Cathedral, among others. Riddarholmen: this is the second biggest island that is part of Gamla Stan. The island is home to several private palaces, though its main attraction is the Riddarsholmskyrkan where a number of Swedish monarchs are buried. From the west coast of the island you have a beautiful panoramic view of the bay Riddarfjärdan and City Hall. Helgeandsholmen: the third island of Gamla Stan features the Sveriges Riksdag, the Swedish Parliament Building where you can go on a free tour, the Medieval Museum and a waterside park. Strömsborg: the smallest islet of the city is the final part of Gamla Stan, and connected to the rest of the city by  the bridge Strömsborgsbron leading over to Vasabron. The island has only one building standing on it. Kungsholmen: unlike the islands of Gamla Stan, Kungsholmen is primarily a residential island, making it a great place to meet residents of the city. Places to visit here include City Hall, where the annual Nobel Prize ceremony is held, the Norr Mälarstrand waterfront where boats turn into bars in summer, and Rålambshov Park with its small beach, wooded trails and outdoor theatre. Långholmen: today the island is a local favourite for walks, picnics and swimming. In the past the island held a prison, which is now part hostel and part museum. Södermalm: while this island was a slum in the 18th-century today it is one of the trendiest areas of the city. It is known for its bohemian and alternative culture, independent boutiques and many cafes. Here you don’t want to miss out on a visit to Fotografiska and Monteliusvägen. Djurgården: one of the favourite recreation areas of locals, this island is home to historical sights, fun museums covering everything from history to music, an amusement park, open-air museum and a forest. Becksholmen: this small islet to the south of Djurgården was once home to the city’s shipyards, today it is a historical monument connected to the bigger island by the only remaining wooden bridge in the city Reimersholme: connected to Södermalm and the rest of the city by a single bridge, Reimersholme is a little oasis within the city and gives a taste of what life is like on the inner archipelago. Skeppsholmen: set between Stadsholmen and Djurgården, Skeppsholmen is a very centrally located island. The island is home to several excellent museums including Moderna Museet. Kastellholmen: this islet can only be reached via Skeppsholmen or via boat. It’s a great place for a walk as it offers great views of the city and has a small naval fort on it. Lilla Essingen: like nearby Kungsholmen, Lilla Essingen is a residential island with a few restaurants and cafes. Stora Essingen: here you reach the edge of central Stockholm. Once the homes here were summer vacation homes but today they are year round residences. Not all of the 14 islands can be seen on most boat trips, especially those west of Gamla Stan. The greater Stockholm Archipelago consists of around 24,000 islands. Get your Stockholm boat tour tickets Choose your Stockholm boat cruise and see the best sights of the city. Stockholm city boat tours take you beyond the buildings of the city and into the Stockholm Archipelago. Whether you reach Stockholm by cruise or by plane, a Stockholm boat tour is always a must-do on your visit to the Swedish capital. Secure your boat tour tickets today and get ready to be amazed!