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The art you can see in museums and art galleries in a city, tells you about the city itself and its history. The best art galleries and museums are a reflection of the city and country they stand in, and they cover as wide a range of topics and themes as every city has different sides and cultures. Whether you want to delve into modern art, classic art, contemporary art or street art, there is a museum or art gallery for you.  

Art exhibitions

Art comes in all shapes and sizes, from Rembrandt’s enormous painting the Nightwatch in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum to the micro art in the eye of a needle at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in Copenhagen. For contemporary art you can go to Fotografiska in Stockholm, the Berlinische Galerie in Berlin, or the Moco Museum or Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

For classic art, you might want to head to the Mesdag Collection in The Hague, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, or the national museums in varies cities. There is art for everyone, from street art in Amsterdam Noord, to modern art in Copenhagen’s Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and cobra art in Rotterdam.

From paintings to photography, and from life-size sculptures to little vases, there is an art museum that will display the most beautiful and historic of its kind.