House of Bols

House of Bols

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General information

  • Wearing a facemask is voluntary
  • Includes a free, personalised cocktail
  • For current opening hours see the House of Bols website
  • Location: Paulus Potterstraat 14, Amsterdam
  • Minimum age for entrance is 18 years due to the serving of alcoholic drinks
  • E-ticket directly available on smartphone
  • For questions about the product, please contac
  • Cancellation possible until 24 hours before planned activity


  • Includes a personalised cocktail
  • Discover the glamorous world of cocktails
  • Triggers your sense of smell, sight and taste

Cocktail & Genever Experience

The House of Bols is an exciting attraction in Amsterdam centred around the world-famous Bols Genever, better known as jenever or Dutch gin. During the House of Bols experience, you will go on a self-guided tour to learn all about Lucas Bols and the world's oldest distilled spirit brand.

During the experience, you'll discover the history of the company, learn about the art of flavour, visit the Hall of taste, the Ingredient room, the Genever room and finally the Mirror bar, where a professional bartender will prepare your personalised cocktail based on your personal taste.

Discover the world of jenever

The name for this famous style of gin stems from the use of juniper berries (jeneverbes in Dutch) in the making of the spirit. They were originally used to mask the unpleasant taste of the earliest gins, which were distilled from malt wine and lacked the more refined distillation techniques employed in present times.

The House of Bols will take you on a journey through this fascinating history, during which you’ll be able to taste the jenever and its ingredients at various stages of preparation. You’ll also see the impressive traditional distillery room which was used to make the spirit in the old days. The bartenders in the Mirror bar will gladly share some of their tips and tricks so you can impress your friends.

Get your House of Bols tickets now

The House of Bols Cocktail and Genever experience is a unique adventure and an unforgettable interactive journey through the glamorous world of cocktails, liqueurs, bartending, and genever. The attraction is located on the Museum Square in Amsterdam, right across from the Van Gogh Museum.

Book your House of Bols tickets online to ensure availability during your visit to Amsterdam. You can book House of Bols tickets easily and safely through our website. Our House of Bols tickets include the price of admission and a free drink in the Mirror Bar. Don’t miss this great opportunity and get your tickets today!

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