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Wherever you go, the way to explore it is by sightseeing. European cities offer great sightseeing opportunities as many sights can be viewed from either the road or the water. There are different types of sightseeing tours around, including those by bus, boat, bike and on foot. Top sightseeing adventures always come with either a guide or have an audio guide to tell you all about the city you are visiting.

Sightseeing packages

We offer both city sightseeing tours and sightseeing bus tours that take you beyond the city or even day trips across the border. From City Sightseeing bus and boat tours and RED Sightseeing boat and bus tours, to LOVERS Canal Cruises, Fatbike Tours and Vox City Walks, and even some sightseeing tours operated by Tours & Tickets, here you’ll find the top sightseeing excursions in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Our sightseeing tips:

  • some sightseeing tours come with free self-guided walking tours, so you can explore more of the city at your own pace
  • with the hop-on hop-off sightseeing options you can do lots of sightseeing in one day,
  • when you start earlier in the day, the cities are less crowded.

Top 10 sightseeing locations

Every city has its not to miss sights. The Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gate are must-visit places in Berlin. In Stockholm, Gamla Stan is filled with locations that are must-sees but so is the view from City Hall. For Copenhagen, the not to miss sights are the statue of the Little Mermaid and Nyhavn. The canals of Amsterdam also have to be on your must-see list, as well as Vondelpark. And Rotterdam offers the architectural Erasmus Bridge and amazing views from Euromast.