Eurostar London to Amsterdam

Eurostar London to Amsterdam

On February 20th, 2018 the Eurostar London to Amsterdam made its first test-drive. Starting from April, there will be a direct train connection between these two cities. The Eurostar London to Amsterdam will make it easier than ever to combine multiple European cities in one trip. And there are a lot of benefits to traveling by train. Let us explain all about the new Eurostar London to Amsterdam and get you ready for your trip to Europe.

One epic city trip with a Eurostar ticket!

A Eurostar ticket will give you the chance to easily travel between London and Amsterdam. This way you’ll get the opportunity to make one epic city trip. Explore the fantastic city of London first. Go to Piccadilly Circus, take a picture with the Big Ben, walk over the Tower Bridge and enjoy a nice high tea. After exploring London, use your Eurostar ticket to go to Amsterdam. Marvel at the paintings in the Rijksmuseum, withstand the cold in the Amsterdam Icebar, explore the Red Light District and try some Dutch beer at the Heineken Experience. This amazing trip with a Eurostar ticket will be the trip of a lifetime.

So many benefits of traveling by train

So what are the benefits of traveling with the Eurostar London to Amsterdam?

  • First of all, you can travel from the city center of London to the center of Amsterdam. So you don’t have to worry about transportation from the airport as you will be dropped off right into the bustling city center.
  • Your waiting time will be reduced. We all know that flying involves a lot of waiting around at airports. When you go with the Eurostar London to Amsterdam, you won’t have to wait. You spend more time on the train than in the airplane but the absence of waiting time will make up for that.
  • Also, you’ll have more leg space and you are allowed the bring more luggage with you on the train. So no need to cram all your stuff in a carry-on bag.
  • And then there is also the environmental benefit. Traveling by train is a lot better for the environment then traveling by airplane.
  • Last but not least there is the price. The Eurostar London to Amsterdam tickets are going to compete with the airplane prices. So it might just get cheaper to go by train!

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