Some cities have a reputation for romance, Berlin is not one of them. But Berlin is filled with culture, history, and has plenty of places and activities for a romantic date. Here are some of favourite things to do in Berlin on Valentine’s Day or another romantic date.

Start with breakfast or brunch

If you have a full free day in Berlin to plan Valentine’s activities, than you want to start the day off right with a delicious breakfast or brunch. There are several great places to enjoy your first meal of the day in Berlin, but one place that pop-ups on all the best brunch spots in Berlin lists is Silo Coffee. Silo was one of the first to offer brunch in Berlin, and continues to be one of the best spots in town, especially in Friedrichshain.

If you are looking for a slightly different experience, you might want to try the House of Small Wonder. Your brunch options here have a bit of a Japanese twist, which New Yorkers may recognise as the first House of Small Wonder location opened in Brooklyn in 2010. If you want to visit Silo Coffee you cannot make a reservation, it is first come first serve, but for the House of Small Wonder you can book a table in advance.

Top tips for Valentine’s Day in Berlin

Take a Second Glance: All Forms of Love exhibition

Some people you forget after that first interaction, but others you want to learn more about. You want to give them a second glance, especially your romantic interests. The collections of museums often also show a different side to them on a second glance, which is why the Bode Museum created The Second Glance project.

The All Forms of Love exhibition is the first instalment in the series, and offers a fresh look at the Bode Museum’s collection through the lens of LGBTQ+ identities. The exhibit highlights 33 objects across five themes, prompting visitors to reconsider how artists have depicted and explored diverse sexualities throughout history. This exhibition has been developed in cooperation with the Schwules Museum, Berlin’s Gay Museum.

A new love language: Particle Poetry

Poetry is known as the language of love, at least it used to be. The Particle Poetry exhibition at the Lighthouse of Digital Art takes the essence of poetry and has reshaped it for the modern world. If you prefer modern art over the historic pieces of the Bode Museum, this might just be the exhibition for your date.

Particle Poetry is an audio visual journey that explores the relationship between the smallest types of matter in the universe and how they impact our daily lives. The universe is made up of quarks, leptons and bosons, the exhibition introduces you to these particles in an artistic way. The machine-created visualisations represent the hidden layers of humanity and our planet that might otherwise remain invisible.

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Top dining experiences

A special occasion asks for a special location dining experience. Berlin has several restaurants which are unlike others. For instance, the Sphere Restaurant at the top of the TV Tower on Alexanderplatz. A 3-course dinner at this rotating restaurant is guaranteed to give you an amazing view over the city on this special night.

But there are more special dining locations in Berlin. The Käfer Restaurant on top of the Reichstag Building, for example, is sure to give you a unique experience. Or try the unsicht-Bar, where your intimate dinner will be served in the dark.

Stargazing for Cosmic Kisses

After dinner you can call it a night or you can make your way to the Zeiss-Groβplanetarium. Every year, the planetarium has a Valentine’s Day special to give you and your loved one the chance to look at the starry sky together. During the Cosmic Kisses event you can watch the stars while listening to the most beautiful love songs from the last decades.

Of course, there is more then just stars and music. Time will be made for an astronomical stop or two and there are drinks available in the foyer. If you choose the Ticket including Valentine’s Gift, you can also enjoy some chocolates while you stargaze.

Top tips for Valentine’s Day in Berlin

Run for love

The sporty lovers who want to run off all the chocolate they ate on Valentine’s Day can head to the Gardens of the World on the Sunday after Valentine’s Day. Here the Valentine’s Run offers 3 different circuits through the gardens. You can choose between a first love 3km run, a little love 5 km run and a big love 10km run.

Everyone can join in on this Valentine’s event, which is for all sorts of couples: lovers, married, friends or just met. And you don’t have to run either, as walkers, Nordic walkers, baby joggers and strollers are welcome too. The route stays on asphalted paths, there is a refreshment station along the way, and at colourful catering at the finish line.