Keukenhof 2018

Keukenhof 2018

Keukenhof Sightseeing Tulips 17 April, 2018

The Keukenhof 2018 is open again!

The Keukenhof 2018, the most beautiful place in the Netherlands, has opened its doors to the public again this spring. From the 22nd of March until the 13th of May the Keukenhof 2018 will show you what a real flower garden looks like. With over 7 million bulbs blooming this spring it will be a sight like no other. The Keukenhof 2018 covers 32 hectares of ground and is divided into multiple gardens, all with their own theme. The themes range from a Rebel Garden and a Delft Blue Garden to a Hipster Garden and a Tea Garden.

Flowers, events and more in the Keukenhof Gardens

Every year the Keukenhof Gardens have their own overall theme. This year it’s Romance in Flowers. And what is more romantic than a rose? That’s why this flower will have an exclusive place in this year’s Keukenhof Gardens. With special gardens like Cupid’s garden and the Holiday Romance Garden, love will be all around. The theme also returns during the many events of the Keukenhof 2018 season. Like the All you need is Love weekend or the Blooming Romance Festival.

What is the best time to visit the Keukenhof?

The best time to visit the Keukenhof 2018 is from mid-April until the beginning of May. Then you’ll have the biggest change of seeing all the flowers in bloom. Then the flower fields that surround the Keukenhof will also show the most color. But don’t worry if you go during a different period. The Keukenhof is always beautiful, and the bulbs are planted in such a way that there is always something flowering during the opening period.

Join a Keukenhof tour!

So now you’re probably wondering how do I get to the Keukenhof 2018? There are different options. You can go with your own (rental) car, by public transport, on a bike or join a Keukenhof tour. We think the last options is the most fun one. Step aboard a comfortable bus that will bring you to the Keukenhof in no time. Along the way, you’ll get information about the flower fields, and on some tours, you’ll even stop at a bulb farm. You can also combine your Keukenhof tour with a tour of the Dutch countryside. If you do that, you’ll be sure to come home with postcard-perfect pictures of the Netherlands.

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