Keukenhof 2017

Keukenhof 2017

Keukenhof 2017

Keukenhof is one of Holland’s most famous tourist attractions. People from all over the world come to see Europe’s largest flower garden in springtime. Around 7 million flowers, from tulips to hyacinths, cover the spacious Keukenhof gardens. It’s exceptional! You can enjoy these colors and fragrances 8 weeks of each year.

Keukenhof 2017, which takes place from the 23rd of March till the 21st of May, will be extra special. Keukenhof gardens 2017 will have a new theme, “Dutch Design”. But that’s not all. Keukenhof has undergone great improvements in order to take in large amounts of visitors. This is to give visitors an even better experience. In this blog post, we will tell you more about the theme, the improvements and the tours of Keukenhof 2017.

Keukenhof 2017: what’s new?

Keukenhof gardens 2017 will be different from other years. It will focus on its great Dutch Designers and it will be more organized and prepared for the crowd. This is needed as 1 million people visit the Keukenhof garden each year in only 8 weeks. 

Improved Keukenhof 2017:

  1. Theme
  2. New entrance
  3. Improved infrastructure 

Theme of Keukenhof 2017

The theme of Keukenhof garden changes every year. Keukenhof 2017 will be about Dutch Design. It serves as a tribute to the universally known Dutch artists and designers, such as Mondrian and Rietveld. They have built the foundations for the Dutch design. Therefore, their famous pieces are replicated by millions of flowers in the Keukenhof gardens.

Furthermore, Dutch design will also be represented in the flower shows of Keukenhof. So, you will definitely not get bored in this large garden.

New entrance

One of the major improvements in years is the construction of the new entrance of Keukenhof. Before, Keukenhof existed of 3 entrances. From now on there is just one big entrance at the side of the park. It is build to improve the accessibility of the park and to enable a better regulation of the high number of visitors. On the busiest day in 2016, there were 66.000 people in the park. The new entrance will make Keukenhof 2017 a true and happy experience. 

Improved infrastructure

A new big entrance is one thing. A better infrastructure is another thing. A good infrastructure of Keukenhof 2017 is essential on peak days. Therefore, the parking space has been expanded to 4500 extra places for family cars and 1000 extra places for touring cars. This means that more tours could be booked to Keukenhof. Furthermore, Keukenhof 2017 enlarged its gardens with 2 hectares. The visitors will be better dispersed across the park.


Amsterdam to Keukenhof

Many people think that Keukenhof 2017 takes place in Amsterdam, but it’s actually in Lisse, near Leiden. People who stay overnight in Amsterdam can easily book a Keukenhof tour at Tours & Tickets. Most of these tours take half a day as it also includes 2 hours of driving. We offer different kinds of Keukenhof tours. You could read about each tour by clicking on the links below: 

Are you interested in going on holiday to Holland? Please, do not miss out on Keukenhof 2017. If you would like to receive information about Keukenhof tours at Tours & Tickets, please contact us per mail or by phone +31 020 4204000.

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