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Good to know 

  • Tickets directly available on smartphones.
  • Free cancellation up to 8 hours before the scheduled start of the activity.

General information

  • For up-to-date opening hours, see the Bodyworlds website.
  • Damrak 66, Amsterdam. Just a short walk from Amsterdam Central Station
  • Child age: 6-17 years

About this activity.

  • Duration: around 90 minutes.
  • See how your everyday choices impact the body and mind.
  • Ticket directly available on smartphone.
  • Free cancellation up to 8 hours before the scheduled start of the activity. 

BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project.

BODY WORLDS Amsterdam will take you on a fascinating journey through the human body. The exhibition displays real plastinated bodies, giving you a unique peek into our anatomy and how our bodies work. This original attraction has enjoyed international success all over the world, with tours in more than 100 cities in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. It has drawn more than 40 million visitors since it began in 1995. Are you ready for an unforgettable experience? Book a visit to the fantastic BODY WORLDS Amsterdam exhibit in Amsterdam right now!

Background BODY WORLDS Amsterdam.

The BODY WORLDS Amsterdam exhibitions have undergone significant changes and taken on different incarnations throughout the years. From the effects of health, sports, and diet to the anatomy of animals, BODY WORLDS Amsterdam has been reinventing itself over and over again and educating people in novel ways since its conception. The exhibitions are the creation of Dr. Gunther von Hagens, who invented the process of plastination in the University of Heidelberg in 1977. The original exhibitions have been the subject of imitation by countless copycats, but they remain unmatched in terms of quality and innovation. The current theme in Amsterdam is named The Happiness Project and focuses on the effects of happiness on our well-being. This exhibit has more than 200 real anatomical models on display, which will give you a greater insight into how our mood can affect our health. Discover the secrets of the body and learn about how it functions from a unique perspective. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam is an essential educational attraction and an unforgettable experience. The exhibition is within walking distance from Central Station, on the lively street Damrak.

Book your flexible BODY WORLDS Amsterdam tickets here

Reserve your spot by booking your BODY WORLDS Amsterdam tickets through our website. This is the fastest and easiest way to ensure availability. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam tickets that are booked here include free cancellation up to 8 hours before the scheduled start of the activity. Get your BODY WORLDS Amsterdam tickets now and discover the fascinating world of the human body!


25 February 2020

Body Worlds

It was really interesting displayed in an exciting way.

25 February 2020

Body Worlds

Great exhibition and very interesting. It gets crowded though so it can be difficult to read the plaques.

25 February 2020

Body Worlds

The aim of the museum is to make people happy. When I entered the museum, I was really sad (someone had stolen my phone before). But when I left it, I was really in the mood! I became happy, I rethought some postulats of my life. I would highly recommend this museum to everyone! Find time to lose yourself in what you love

17 February 2020

Body Worlds

This was an amazing exhibit. I have seen this before, in the states but the focus on happiness, here in Amsterdam, gave a totally different insight. The body scan was amazing at the end and seeing the different triggers of happiness from sensory to neural pathways was eye opening. I even started new habits and making dates with my friends and practicing happy. 10/10 Would definitely go again.

16 February 2020

Body Worlds

Amazing views of the human body. Not to be taken lightly, once you realise you're actually looking at a real person it can become quite moving. At some times while walking round the exhibition it felt like everyone was feeling like this and the atmosphere became quite thoughtful.

11 February 2020

Body Worlds

Whilst the body exhibits were interesting I didn’t like the layout nor the ‘happiness’ theme.The audio was a waste of time.

09 February 2020

Body Worlds

Fascinating and so educational. Enjoyed the free scan at the end too!

08 February 2020

Body Worlds

Fantastic place! Lovely staff! 100% come back on our next trip to Amsterdam

05 February 2020

Body Worlds

Great exhibitions, very accessible information. Lovely message behind the exhibitions- tells a story to the visitor

29 January 2020

Body Worlds

Absolute amazing surreal exhibition. It was something I was really looking forward to seeing when visiting Amsterdam and I was definitely not disappointed. Each display contained so much information, both in english and in dutch. The last part of the exhibition was a lovely addition, which gave guests the chance to share happy / funny experiences in their life and prompted guests to take a card with an inspirational task for them to complete. Absolutely 10/10 would really recommend.

06 February 2020

Body Worlds

An incredible insight to the workings of the human body that unless you are a surgeon then the general person could only imagine.

04 February 2020

Body Worlds

Interesting museum which helped to explain the workings of our bodies. I think there should have been more information about Happiness and our bodies. What are the physical/ biological things that happen when we are happy? Loved seeing what smoking actually does to your lungs and so long as you are not squemish, fascinating foetuses and also cancer.

30 January 2020

Body Worlds

It was on overall good experience.

27 January 2020

Body Worlds

This is a fascinating exploration of the human body, and how the body works from the inside out. We really enjoyed the entire thing, although getting the body fat measurement at the end was smart but a little painful! :)

12 December 2019

Body Worlds

I enjoyed the exhibition but I had seen body worlds before and I guess I was expecting something different, I think although it’s super interesting I didn’t need to see it a second time. I also wish I had gotten an audio guide, all the writing is in Dutch and English which is great, but obviously there’s a big international audience so I often had to queue to read the English blurb and found people reading over my shoulder or trying to push me out the way and I really did not enjoy that. Summary, if you’ve seen it before you may not enjoy it, but if you have never seen it before definitely go, but buy an audio guide!

29 November 2019

Body Worlds

Was a fantastic place to visit while in Amsterdam. Learnt so much and would happily go again. Thank you.

26 November 2019

Body Worlds

The talking parts were a bit too long and I felt like moving on before some of them were finished.It was amazing to see all the bodies!

11 November 2019

Body Worlds

Really interesting. You can get a true concept of how complex the human body is.

13 November 2019

Body Worlds

Lovely helpful staff, not too crowded, well managed.I think we were expecting something more visceral, even gory. The displays were great, but seemed ‘plastic’.

08 November 2019

Body Worlds

It was fun and fine, but you got to like science and biology. And it can be quite busy.

04 November 2019

Body Worlds

Amazing experience, man at the door was so friendly and welcoming, enjoyed the experience, only downfall was the amount of people in there meaning I couldn’t enjoy all bits of the museum due to so many people

06 November 2019

Body Worlds

Really enjoyed it and learned more about the human body by seeing it displayed like this. Loved the free body assessment at the end. Great way to spend an afternoon!

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