Berlin offers its little visitors a good mix of sightseeing, fun and interactive attractions, making it the ideal travel destination for the entire family. Read all about the German capital's most family friendly sights and how you can make the most out of your trip to Berlin with kids with these popular attractions.

German Spy Museum

The German Spy Museum gives visitors a unique glimpse into the shadow world of spying and the only museum of its kind in Germany. Modern technology takes you on a fascinating multimedia journey through the history of spying from ancient times to the present, enriched by testimonials of top agents.

The exhibition consisting of more than 1,000 artefacts such as an Enigma cipher machine from World War II and rare equipment of agents, interactive installations where children can decipher secret codes, go on a bug hunt and immerse themselves into the worlds of their heroes as well as age-appropriate tours promise fun and adventure for the whole family. 


Go on a family friendly journey from the Spree Reiver in Berlin to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and discover a fascinating water world at SEA LIFE with 5,000 sea creatures and learn more about how coral reefs are formed and support life underwater.

Here, visitors can also watch their favourite animals being fed, ask the staff all the burning questions and feel the tickling sensation on their skin when meeting the cleaner shrimps in the touch pool. Watch sting rays master the art of disguise, meet clownfish, probably the most famous fish species in the world, and admire the strength of octopods.

Tierpark Berlin

Just a short journey away from Alexanderplatz lies Tierpark Berlin, home to over 9,000 animals and therefore Europe’s largest animal park. Along with its big enclosures and diverse animals, plenty of playgrounds and plenty of ice cream parlours, the Tierpark makes for a perfect day trip for the whole family.

Animal keepers to be can enjoy the petting zoo full of sheep and goats, marvel at Sumatran Tigers and colourful birds in the lush Rainforest House and get up close to the inquisitive Ruffed Lemurs and the Tierpark’s cheeky monkeys.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

Block by block, the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is a huge fun indoor playground and unforgettable experience for young and old. Immerse yourself into 3500 m2 of LEGO fun and unleash your inner architect.

Over five million LEGO blocks are waiting to be turned into whatever your mind can imagine in Berlin’s most colourful playground. An exciting 4D cinema as well as two fun rides make LEGOLAND the perfect activity for the whole family.

Illuseum Berlin

Are you ready for a completely different museum experience? The Illuseum Berlin is full of surprises and will trick your senses! Escape the reality through a world full of optical illusions, amusing and interactive stations as well as the Vortex Tunnel and capture your experience by taking pictures in the selfie corners.

Fun tricks and interactive illusions will teach you all about how to trick the human vision while several clever puzzles will tickle your grey cells and test your cognitive abilities. There is something for everyone, an educational and fun experience guaranteed.

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Illuseum Berlin
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Illuseum Berlin

Gärten der Welt

The Gärten der Welt, the ‚gardens of the world’, is specimen of international garden art, beaming you right into different continents and cultures from Asia to the Orient and back to Europe. Eleven theme gardens take visitors on a fabulous journey.

You’ll be bewitched by the incredible beauty of the biggest Chinese garden in all of Europe, when wandering through the Balinese Garden with a temple and traditional Balinese homes or when discovering the hidden oasis the Oriental garden is with its 1,3 million mosaic tiles.

Lawns and benches invite visitors to take a rest and unwind while families can explore the multiple playgrounds and discover fairy tale figures of the Grimm brothers and Hans Christian Andersen in the rhododendron grove or climb the Wolkenhain to get a magnificent view above the gardens.

Top attractions for visiting Berlin with children

Museum of Natural History

Berlin’s Museum of Natural History is one of the most renowned research institutions around the world in the areas of biological and geological evolution and biodiversity is a part of the Leibnitz Association. The museum’s mission is to uncover and describe all the living creatures on earth.

The museum’s collected works consist of over 30 million artifacts from areas such as zoology, palaeontology, geology and mineralogy and include the skeletons of several dinosaurs. Whether you want to take close up look on the life of parasites, discover Germany’s largest mineral collection or marvel at masterpieces of taxidermy, the museum is a fascinating experience for the whole family.