The Danish capital is the ideal destination for a family vacation as it is one of the most child-friendly cities in the world! From following the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales to marvellous palaces and a picturesque harbour, from over 125 public playgrounds to discounted children tickets and most restaurants catering specifically to the taste of their youngest visitors – Copenhagen is equally family-friendly and culturally rich and has a lot to offer for everyone, going out of its way to accommodate the smallest of visitors.

Tivoli Gardens

Located in the heart of the Danish capital lies Tivoli Gardens, one of the most iconic attractions and the second oldest amusement park in the world. The Gardens are home to more than two dozen rides, ranging from an antique wooden rollercoaster from 1914 to mesmerizing virtual reality experiences to a classic carousel and rides for the smallest of visitors such as the Little Dragon and the Ferris Wheel.

Besides the countless rides, you can explore and unwind in the lush and beautiful botanical gardens as well as the nostalgic yet modern orangery and discover more than 100 species of different underwater animals such as rays, sharks, octopi, colourful fishes and eels.

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Tivoli Gardens
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Tivoli Gardens

Tower Playground at Fælledparken

The first thing you’ll notice when visiting Copenhagen with children is the multitude and diversity of playgrounds. Not only are there hundreds of playgrounds but they also amaze with innovative designs and set ups. From Konditaget Lüders, a jungle gym located above a car park with a marvellous view over the harbour, to a traffic playground that teaches children road safety and traffic rules playfully, the variety is sheer endless.

One of the most popular playgrounds is in the Fælledparken, the biggest park in Copenhagen. Not only is the park popular for all kinds of outdoor activities but also for its playground with towers. Constructed around five of Copenhagen’s most remarkable towers, it invites its visitors to some interactive playtime, using playful competition and technology while educating about the towers’ history. For example, children can solve a puzzle in the Round Tower or hold a speech from the Town Hall Tower.

The Tube

There aren't many Central Stations around the world that can boast about having a super fun activity for kids, but Copenhagen's Central Station surely can. The Tube Copenhagen is a one-of-a-kind experience in the Danish capital. Here your balance, your sense of depth and direction, and your sense of space and time are all challenged and will never feel quite the same again.

Stagger along a Vortex tunnel, step underwater, disappear beneath countless balls in a massive ball pit, and explore never ending rooms. Every room holds a new adventure and multiple opportunities for amazing photos and videos. This place is fun for the whole family.

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The Tube Copenhagen
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The Tube Copenhagen

Copenhagen Zoo

At Copenhagen Zoo, you can travel the world in just one day and discover more than 4,000 animals from up close. Founded in 1859, it is one of the oldest zoos in the world. Get cosy with the fascinating giant pandas while enjoying a snack in the Panda House, marvel at the mighty elephants, see the world from a giraffe’s perspective and experience a breath-takingly close encounter with polar bears.

Additionally, the zoo amazes with special children’s events, several playgrounds as well as an Asian fusion restaurant, a traditional Danish restaurant as well as a cake shop to relax and unwind after a long day of exploring.

The Blue Planet Aquarium

Den Blå Planet is the largest aquarium in Northern Europe and offers a unique experience. Beautifully located at the waterfront, the Denmark's National Aquarium is home to thousands of animals distributed 48 aquariums and installations, a water playground as well as a stunning cafeteria surrounded by water views.

Some of the highlights in the aquarium include hammerhead sharks, giant Pacific octopi, stingrays and sea otters, inviting you on a journey through the seven seas from Danish streams to Tropical rivers full of fascinating animals, entertainment and knowledge and making it the perfect experience in Copenhagen with kids.

The Children's Museum

Dive into an exciting adventure full of wondrous places, interactive games and surprises! The Children’s Museum, part of the National Museum of Denmark, is the place for children to explore history playfully without being hindered by ‘Do not touch’ signs. Here, children are invited to touch anything in sight!

The museum is an indoor playground to explore Denmark’s rich history for the whole family. Learn more about how the Vikings conquered the sea and step onto a Viking ship, see for yourself what your great-grandparents learned in a 1930s classroom, learn how to prepare a snack in an ancient medieval kitchen or how castles were prepared for attacks from enemy.

Ripley’s Fun Pass

One pass to visit four super fun attractions in Copenhagen. Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, the Hans Christian Andersen Experience, the Guinness World Records Museum, and the Mystic Exploratorie all open their doors to you and your kids with this one ticket. Each is filled with curiosities that will amaze you.

Everything you see in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! existed in real life. In the Hans Christian Andersen Experience you can explore the life and fairy tales of Denmark’s most famous writer. You’ll come face to face with world record holders in the Guinness World Records Museum, and the Mystic Exploratorie’s cunning illusions will leave you wondering what is real and what is only in your mind.

The Forgotten Giants

If you want to discover Copenhagen off the beaten path, try hunting down these marvellous sculptures: the six Forgotten Giants. The sculptures are made by the artist Thomas Dambo from local scrap wood and recycled materials are located in the outskirts of the Danish capital in lush forests and meadows and invites adventurers of all ages to go on a treasure hunt extraordinaire.

Perfect for families who want to go further and beyond the usual tourist attractions, the hunt for the sculptures is the ideal way to explore nature with children, since they put a spotlight on beautiful and often overlooked spots in nature while uniting the importance of trolls and fairy tales in Danish culture with concern for the future and sustainability.


Built in 1642, the Round Tower, Rundetårn in Danish, is one of Copenhagen’s most iconic landmarks and the oldest observatory in Europe still in function. Wander through the library where Hans Christian Andersen used to be a regular visitor and found inspiration for his works, glance into the tower’s Hollow Core and make your way up the spiral ramp to the 34,8m high viewing platform that will reward you with a beautiful view over the city.