Autumn is the perfect time to visit Copenhagen and discover its rich culture and history. The summer crowds have gone back home and the fall season is peak season for hygge. The season still has plenty of sunny days to enjoy outside and for those wet or windy days the city offers some great indoor attractions. Here are some of our top tips for visiting Copenhagen in autumn.

Enjoy Hygge

A few years ago, the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced 'hoo-gah' in English) took the world by storm. There is no one-word English translation that properly fits all the connotations of the Danish word. So what is hygge and why does it fit the colder months so perfectly? Some would translate the term with cosiness but it is so much more than that.

Hygge is an atmosphere, a feeling, a sense. Think of a moment when you were warm and happy and sharing that moment with your favourite people. Or the warm glow of a candle or a fire place. Hygge is about surrounding yourself with the things that make life good, such as friends and laughter, warmth, light, and seasonal food.

See deer in Dyrehaven

Being outside surrounded by nature and the wonderful colours of autumn also falls under the concept of hygge. If the city parks aren't quite what you are looking for, we suggest catching a train to Klamenborg Station, just north of Copenhagen and walking into Dyrehaven (Deer Park). With over 2000 free-range deer roaming the park, you're certain to come across a few of them.

Dyrehaven is a great place to take a walk in the woods or take a tour in a majestic horse-drawn carriage, and enjoy the lush colours of autumn, small lakes and open meadows. In 2015, Dyrehaven was named a UNESCO World Heritage site. The park was once used for hunting by the Danish royal family, who hunted on horseback following a pack of hounds. The Hermitage, the king's hunting lodge, is located in the heart of the park.

If you want to make it a longer day trip, you can combine your visit to Dyrehaven with a visit to Kronborg Castle. Here you can imagine yourself in Shakespeare's play Hamlet, as he used this castle as inspiration for Elsinore. Or head into the crypts to visit Holger the Dane, a Danish folk hero.

Dyrehaven Hunting Lodge

A night of culture

Since 1993, Culture Night (Kulturnatten) has been one of the city's most popular cultural events. When the autumn school holidays start all the cultural institutions of the city work together to organise a fun, festive evening for all to enjoy. More than 200 museums, theatres, libraries, churches, ministries and parks throughout the city welcome the public during Copenhagen's biggest annual one-day event.

Copenhagen ZOO open after hours, allowing you to see the animals night time behaviour. Even Christiansborg Palace opens its doors, giving people the chance to see inside the Folketing and meet the political parties. All you need to visit any one of the Culture Night's events is a Culture Pass, which you can buy at all the 7-Eleven stores in the city. The Pass also offers access to free transport for the evening.

Celebrate Halloween at Tivoli

Though the Tivoli Gardens are always a good place to go when you are in Copenhagen, it’s even better in autumn. In October, the Tivoli Gardens amusement park pulls out all the stops for Halloween with special events for the little ones and the bigger ones who are still kids at heart, as well as some spooky snacks.

And in the heart of the Tivoli Gardens you’ll find Kilden I Haven, where they combine a love for green and sustainable cooking with the changing seasons. All ingredients come from Danish coasts and fields, making the menu a tribute to Denmark and the seasons. It is the perfect spot to experience hygge in the city for yourself.

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Tivoli Gardens
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Tivoli Gardens

Discover Danish art

The Danish capital is home to several amazing art museums which are home to beautiful local art. There is SMK, Statens Museum for Kunst, Denmark's largest art gallery, and just around the corner you can find the Hirschsprung Collection with 19th and 20th century Danish paintings and sculptures.

All-in, Copenhagen is home to over 50 museums, with topics ranging from art to history and from science to fairy tales. They make for the perfect attraction for some of the colder, rainy days that Copenhagen sees in autumn. We’ve selected a few not to miss museums and you can find them right here.

Explore the unexpected

Central Station's aren't often a place you look to to have a good time, but in Copenhagen you'll find a unique attraction inside the station. THE TUBE Copenhagen runs above several shops inside the station on the Bernstorffsgade side. Here you'll find 17 different rooms, each with its own experience and fun photo op.

You can challenge your sense of direction in the Vortex tunnel, jump into a massive ball pit and try to escape a constantly repeating room. Or hop on a flying carpet, crawl through the belly of a snake, and have fun with a colourful kaleidoscope. You can let your imagination run wild at this unexpected attraction inside Copenhagen Central Station.