What to do and where to go during your Amsterdam holidays!

What to do and where to go during your Amsterdam holidays!

Museums Amsterdam tips 12 September, 2017

What to do and where to go during your Amsterdam holidays!

When going on holidays to Amsterdam you most likely already read a lot about the capital of the Netherlands. In this blog, you will find a summary of some fun places to visit during your trip! Have you ever been on a canal cruise? It’s an amazing way to discover the city, sailing past notable highlights! This blog will be about the more educational highlights to visit on your holidays to Amsterdam; a wide range of museums!

Your Amsterdam holidays: why visit Amsterdam?

You might ask yourself: why visit Amsterdam and not another place? You should go on holidays to Amsterdam because it has a lot to offer for all ages. 
Amsterdam is very well known in the art scene. Did you for example ever visit the famous Van Gogh Museum or the recently renovated Rijksmuseum? Both museums exhibit works of a variety of famous Dutch painters as well as painters from all over the world. After your visit to the Rijksmuseum, you should make a stop at the famous Museum Square to enjoy an excellent coffee in the garden. If you prefer modern or contemporary art, then you could make a stop at the Stedelijk Museum with works from Matisse and Warhol. If you are on the other hand more interested in boats, then you must pass by the National Maritime Museum.
Even if you don’t want to visit museums on your Amsterdam holidays, there still is plenty to do in the capital. You could, for example, follow a guided tour or dive into the famous Amsterdam nightlife. So why visit Amsterdam? Because It has to offer a lot more than you ever imagined!

Your Amsterdam holidays: why visit Amsterdam with your children?

Another reason to go on a holiday to Amsterdam would be because the city has a lot to offer for children. Some excellent attractions would be; BODY WORLDS, Madame Tussauds, the Amsterdam ArenA Stadium Tour, the NEMO Science Museum or the beautiful Artis Royal Zoo. All very educational and fun attractions that offer a wide variety of activities. This blog with interesting ideas will make sure that both young and old will not get bored during their Amsterdam holidays!

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