Amsterdam Icebar Tickets

Amsterdam Icebar Tickets

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Welcome to the coolest bar in the world

About this activity:

  • Drink from glasses made of ice
  • Warm up with uniquely flavored shots
  • Insta-worthy pics with ice sculptures
  • Experience the chilling history of Nova Zembla


Only the best for you:

✔️ Simply enter with the E-ticket on your phone
✔️ Enjoy 3 free drinks
✔️ The coldest bar in the world!
✔️ Skip the line at the entrance

Important info

  • Opening hours: 
    Sun-Tue: 12.00 - 01.00 h. 
    Fri - Sat: 12.00 - 02.40 h.
    Daily: 12.00 - 02.40 h. 
  • Special opening hours
    27 April: 12.00 - 22.00 h.
    24/25 Dec: 12.00 - 01.00 h
    31 Dec: 12.00 - 22.00 h
    1 Jan: 12.00 - 01.00 h
  • Last admission:
    1 hour before closing time
  • Reservation: 
    Reservation required. Without a reservation, admission may be denied.
    Check-in at the Icebar 20 minutes before the reserved time.
  • Please note:
    Children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the ice bar. 
    Management reserves the right to refuse entrance if guests are intoxicated, underage or unable to prove their age.
    Valid ID may be required.
  • Refundable/reschedulable:
    This is a ticket for a specific date and time ('time slotted ticket') and is not refundable without costs. For questions please contact 
  • Location: 
    Amstel 194-196, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Icebar 

The Amsterdam Icebar is one of the coolest places in town (literally) and definitely in the top 10 of things to do in Amsterdam. This amazing bar is kept at a constant temperature of -10 degrees Celsius and everything is made entirely out of ice. Be amazed at this remarkable feat of engineering and enjoy this unique venue as you sip on your favorite drinks from ice glasses. Book your visit to the Amsterdam Icebar right now for a low price!

Discover the Amsterdam Icebar

The fantastic Amsterdam Icebar tour includes the cost of admission and a thermal coat to withstand the cold (-10°C!) temperature. To top it off we’ll also give you three free tokens which you can exchange for drinks while inside the Amsterdam Icebar. The bar consists of two parts: a hip 'warm' area and the ice bar itself, which is located at the back. First, you can chill and listen to some music as you sip on a cold beer or enjoy your favorite cocktail. Afterward, you will be given appropriate clothing and led into the ice bar where everything, from the furniture to the walls and the art, is made entirely out of ice. The special lighting is designed to change the appearance of the ice to every color imaginable. Part of the experience includes reliving the famous adventure of Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz, who became stranded on the island Nova Zembla in the Arctic for almost an entire year. You can order beer, shots and orange juice, all of which are served in glasses made out of ice!

Get your Amsterdam Icebar Tickets!

Are you ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Get your Amsterdam Icebar tickets today and discover one of the most amazing attractions in Amsterdam. Ice Bar tickets can be booked directly through our website for a low price. You can also take a look at our numerous other offers for exciting trips and attractions during your holidays. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and book your Amsterdam Icebar tickets right now!


24 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

Great atmosphere, make the most of it.

24 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

Great experience glad we visited

24 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

Brilliant atmosphere in there well worth it

24 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

Cool place

24 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

Had a really great time, different and enjoyable. The vodka shots were yummy!

24 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

Party of 8 all had a great time! Thank you

Mrs S
24 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

All 14 of us had a great time. All the staff were really friendly.

24 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

A fantastic experience. Totally different and well worth a visit! Would highly recommend a trip here.

22 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

All together a enjoyable experience maybe only issue supply Hooded jacket but would recommend the experience

22 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

Just a great experience. Staff got into characters well. We were there around 5:30 so it was just a nice start to our evening out.

22 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

It was a great experience but I just wish there few a more drink options in both bars, apart from that though, it was brill!

16 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

Great atmosphere in the front bar, really good quality drinks and the bartender was a real character. We will be going back next time we visit!

03 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

It is a very good experience from start to finish

09 January 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

Good experience to say you have been. Bit pricey for what you get and the length of time you are actually in the ice bar. Ice bar part smaller than expected.

08 January 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

8 of us came to the bar together, really enjoyed the experience, not everyone drank alcohol but still really liked it, Nutella vodka my absolute favourite.

24 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

The atmosphere was great, it was something different to take part in. The icebar it’s self was amazing, and the prices were reasonable. I really enjoyed it.

17 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

Amazing experience

11 February 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

We just loved the whole experience, especially the staff!!!!!

31 January 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

Excellent experience, great value for money, excellent staff.

08 January 2020

Amsterdam Icebar

Great experience. Bar service at the first bar is disappointing but the ice bar is great. Feel Like they take too many at a time tho so it’s packed, can’t get sat, bars a mess

26 December 2019

Amsterdam Icebar

So good! Really enjoyed the experience! Worth a visit!

20 December 2019

Amsterdam Icebar

I enjoyed the Icebar but I felt everything about it was very rushed. I also felt the music in the heated bar could have been a bit livelier.

17 December 2019

Amsterdam Icebar

From start to finish, we all had a fantastic time!Real value for money. If you're visiting Amsterdam you HAVE to visit the IceBar!

08 December 2019

Amsterdam Icebar

Great visit. Although alot of the coats/gloves were very wet and stale smelling. The staff were brilliant.

08 December 2019

Amsterdam Icebar

The experience was good (staff were great) but the place could be bigger. It was very tight in there. Maybe have smaller groups going in for less time

03 December 2019

Amsterdam Icebar

Great staff and really fun atmosphere!

26 November 2019

Amsterdam Icebar

I think the tickets are abit too pricey for what you get. I did love the ice bar, however I was a little disappointed as it wasn’t what I expected. There was a choice of either a ice cold beer or a shot. Not everybody likes beer so I think there should be a few other drinks to choose from. I can’t fault the staff though as all of the staff members are absolutely lovely

13 November 2019

Amsterdam Icebar

Captain jack sparrow was brilliant. He played a really good character and made everyone want to get involved.

11 November 2019

Amsterdam Icebar

Went for our friends 50th , it was fab !!! Would definitely recommend a visit .

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