Tulips in Amsterdam

Tulips in Amsterdam

There are few things more essentially Dutch than tulips. These bright bulbs were first brought to the Netherlands from Turkey, and have since become a national icon. They even invited a speculative frenzy in the seventeenth century, resulting in an economic bubble! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to enjoy tulips in Amsterdam.

How to see tulips in Amsterdam

There are plenty of ways to see tulips in Amsterdam. There is a multitude of museums, festivals, and gardens that all showcase the many beautiful tulips in Amsterdam. Read on for three of the best ways you can delight in the many tulips in Amsterdam.

The Keukenhof

The best way to see tulips in Amsterdam is to go out of the city on a bus trip to the Keukenhof gardens. Located just south of Haarlem, the Keukenhof is one of the world’s biggest gardens and a true visual delight. Wander through rows upon rows of brightly colored flowers on a small tour with Tours and Tickets Amsterdam.

National Tulip Day

For 200,000 tulips in Amsterdam, book your trip to coincide with National Tulip Day, or Nationale Tulpendag, as it is known in Dutch. Each year on the third Saturday of January, the tulip season kicks off with a display of some 200,000 bright blooms in the Dam Square. Tourists and locals are welcome to come and enjoy the temporary garden, and even pick flowers for free!

Floating flower market

Add a touch of water and whimsy to your day, by visiting the Floating Flower Market, or Bloemenmarkt, as it is known locally. You’ll find plenty of fresh and lovely tulips at this iconic market, conveniently located on the Singel canal in the city center.

What to visit in Amsterdam

Go beyond the tulips in Amsterdam, and enjoy canal cruises, world-class museums, strolls around the exciting Dam Square and historic center, and epic parties. There are so many options when considering what to visit in Amsterdam - the city offers superb culture, nightlife, and culinary options. You can read about some tour options here. What to visit in Amsterdam? What not to visit in Amsterdam!

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