King's Day in Amsterdam 2018

King's Day in Amsterdam 2018

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If you happen to be in Amsterdam on the 27th of April, don’t be surprised if you end up in a huge street party that day. Why, you wonder? Well, the 27th of April is a very special day in the Netherlands. It’s the birthday of King Willem-Alexander, and what better way is there to celebrate it than making it a public holiday so the entire nation can enjoy it with you? The Dutch definitely know how to party! On King’s Day in Amsterdam, locals and tourists from all over the world gather not only on the big squares like Dam Square and Rembrandtplein; even the narrow, emblematic canal streets are full of people dancing and celebrating. King’s Day in Amsterdam is like no other day in the capital. An average of 700.000 visitors join the over 820.000 locals in this yearly street party.

How to best celebrate King’s Day in Amsterdam

There are many things you can do on King’s Day in Amsterdam. Stroll through the busy streets of the city, dance with strangers or enjoy a bite to eat with your friends at one of the many stands outside. The most typical way, however, is to join an Amsterdam boat tour and float through the world-famous canal district. The KINgsday Special Cruise allows you to immerse yourself in this extraordinary experience and while being on this special Amsterdam boat tour, you won’t have to worry about a thing. A skipper will take care of the boat and the route while you can enjoy unlimited drinks and lots of fun with others on the boat. To top it all off, the best music will be playing on board to set the perfect atmosphere. Secure your spot and make sure to dress in orange – the symbolic color of the Netherlands.

Are you ready?

The King’s birthday is celebrated all around the Netherlands, but it just can’t be compared to the party you will experience on King’s Day in Amsterdam – all day and all night! Get the festivities started off right with an exclusive Amsterdam boat tour and do it the Dutch way. If you haven’t done so yet, mark the date on your calendar: See you in Amsterdam on the 27th of April!

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