Halloween in Amsterdam

Halloween in Amsterdam

Halloween is the perfect occasion to remember that having a good fright can be fun too, especially when visiting Amsterdam! While the Netherlands may not be the birthplace of Halloween, it sure has embraced the spooky tradition with legendary Halloween parties and trick or treating becoming increasingly popular.

Halloween events can be found throughout the country with Amsterdam being the hotspot of legendary parties and with streets full of Jack O Lanterns and gruesome decorations. From traditional Sint-Maarten festivities to a scary tour through the city, from horror movie nights to enjoying spooky treats, Amsterdam has a lot to offer during the scariest of holidays!

Celebrate the Festival of Sint-Maarten

The Dutch trick or treat tradition here takes place on November 11, on Sint-Maarten. This festival is celebrated mostly in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium as well as some parts of France in honor of Martin of Tours, the 3rd bishop of Tours in France. He is especially well known for cutting his cloak in two with his sword to give half of it to a freezing beggar during winter.

Traditionally, the festival is marked by a big mass. While the religious significance has declined over the years, it still is a popular festival among children to this day. On November 11, groups of children will go door to door with homemade paper lanterns and sing songs, asking for sweet treats. Either join in with your children or keep some sweets ready for the brightly lit parade!

Home of HalloweenAmsterdam Dungeon

The Amsterdam Dungeon is one of the scariest places in the country, especially during Halloween. The Dungeon is located near Dam Square, on the site of a 16th century cemetery. It was once a site of public executions, including the burning of thousands of suspected witches during the Spanish Inquisition. Some people believe these tortured souls still haunt the square and the surrounding streets.

At the Amsterdam Dungeon, you can dive into the city’s dark past, promising an interactive experience that is both hilarious and terrifying! Enjoy live shows with scarily good actors and special effects and get ready for a multisensory experience where you can smell, touch, see and hear everything around you. Leading up to and during Halloween, the Amsterdam Dungeon has extended opening hours and some extra shows.

Have coffee with a witch’s best friend

And by a witch’s best friend we mean cats of course! Cats were believed be disguised of demons or evil spirits in medieval Europe, aiding the witch in her spells and acting as her familiar. Hence, it was often believed that one way to identify a witch was if they owned a feline friend.

So what better to do than grab a cup of coffee with the little sidekicks during spooky season? Amsterdam is home to a variety of cat cafes paying homage to them. At Kattencafe Kopjes, the first cat café in the Netherlands, you can enjoy a warm cup of ‘catuccino’ or tea alongside eight cats that were lovingly selected from shelters.  

Witches cauldron

Experience the unbelievable

Are you looking to give your sense a true rollercoaster ride? At Ripley’s Believe It or Not it’s up to you to believe what you see when you embark on a journey through time and space. From real human shrunken heads to torture equipment, you will find it all at Ripley’s.

Spread out over five floors, you’ll discover bizarre stories of rare artefacts, meet extraordinary personalities, play around with optical illusions and interactive mind games, whirl through the only space tunnel in the Netherlands and observe Dam Square from a bird’s eye view.


Horror Movie Marathon

David DMP Moore invites horror fans to a 12 hour-long marathon in De School on October 30th for the ultimate cinematic horror experience. At the marathon, you’ll see eight movies back-to-back, screening uncut and digitally remastered horror classics such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Night Train to Terror.

The event is further enriched by horror movie trivia, giveaways, horror trailer shows and much more, making it a one-of-a-kind gory and scary event that is perfect for horror movie fans during Halloween.

Amsterdam at night

Discover the dark side of Amsterdam 

The pragmatic Dutch may claim not to believe in ghosts but the city had its fair share of haunted places and ghostly residents, aside from the afore mentioned Dam Square. All you have to do to find them is go outside and walk through the city to find streets with gruesome names.

For instance, there is Helena on Ghost Alley, or Spooksteeg, who was cursed by her own husband on her deathbed (for murdering his first love, her own sister) in the 18th century. And the blood of condemned prisoners is said to have flowed through Blood Street (Bloedstraat) as it ran down from Nieuwmarkt to the canal.

You’d rather not go alone on a ghost hunt? Join in for a Ghost Walk through the city! The tour takes you through Amsterdam’s spooky past that had its fair share of death and diseases and is full of witches, demons and ghosts. All stories you’ll hear from the experienced guides are original, historical and authentic.

Fright Night Skate

Put on your roller skates and celebrate Halloween differently this year with the Friday Night Skate! Starting from Vondelpark, the Friday Night Skate takes place here since over 30 years already. It takes its participants to the best spots from the main road to more challenging roads over bridges and alongside canals and tunnels.

The skate is a weekly Friday tradition but the skate on October 29th will be an extra special one. Dress up in your best Halloween costume and join in for a scary Halloween skate around town as well as a fun battle for the best costume. 

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