Zooming in on two day trips from Amsterdam

Zooming in on two day trips from Amsterdam

A lot of the action logically takes place in the capital itself when you book a trip to Amsterdam. A big advantage of a small country like Holland is that everything is extremely close to each other. This means that there are numerous day trips from Amsterdam worth doing. Let's take a look at two options:

1) Countryside & Windmills Tour

The Countryside & Windmills Tour is one of our day trips from Amsterdam to enjoy the typical Dutch landscape. You will be shown the villages de Zaanse Schans, and Volendam, where old traditions are still very important in the daily lives. In Volendam for example, you will see people dressed up in klederdrachten; ancient clothing people used to wear everywhere in Holland. Complete this day trip from Amsterdam by taking a picture, dressed as real Volendammers!

2) Delft, The Hague & Madurodam

Another one of our day trips from Amsterdam you should be interested in, is the one where you will be touring through Delft, The Hague & Madurodam. The first city is a beautiful old gem, also known because Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer used to reside here. As an option of the day trips from Amsterdam, this tour will guide you through the historical centers of both Delft and The Hague, followed by a visit to the miniature town of Madurodam.

Location is key: where to stay in Amsterdam?

With all the new ways to book accommodation, it gets easier every day to find a place to your liking. But not only the building itself is important, the location also plays a big part in the search. So, where to stay in Amsterdam while doing your day trips from Amsterdam?

Actually, there are all kinds of possibilities throughout the city, because Amsterdam is very well-arranged regarding tourism. The city center is a very good option if you want to be close to everything, but the busy traffic might be a small disadvantage. Want other suggestions of where to stay in Amsterdam? Luckily there are several options outside of the busy capital core, like de Baarsjes or de Negen Straatjes. You can get from your hotel to your point of destination in no time by public transportation or by bike!

There are even options to expand your day trips from Amsterdam to outside of the Netherlands. Check out the variety of day trips from Amsterdam here!

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