You’ll fall in love with tulips in Amsterdam

You’ll fall in love with tulips in Amsterdam

Tulips 08 December, 2017

History of tulips in Amsterdam

Though originally from Turkey, tulips are about as Dutch as windmills. So beloved are these bright bulbs that they incited a speculative frenzy in the 17th century, at one point costing more than houses (they say some even stomped on tulips to drive up prices!) Tulips are still highly prized, and the Netherlands grows over 4 billion of them each year, so you’ll definitely want to feast your eyes on tulips in Amsterdam.

Today, there are plenty of tulips in Amsterdam. Check out the following options.

Where to find tulips in Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam Tulip Museum

When hunting down tulips in Amsterdam, go no further than the Amsterdam Tulip Museum, which captures all the mystery and enchantment of this curious bloom. This handily-sized but informative museum of six connecting rooms can be enjoyed in twenty minutes or more thoroughly pored over in an hour. Jam-packed with all you need to know about tulips in Amsterdam, it is located on a canal house in the city’s most famous neighborhood, the trendy Jordaan.

  • Tulips in Amsterdam at the Keukenhof

For an abundance of tulips in Amsterdam, take a trip to the gorgeous Keukenhof gardens, located about 40 minutes southwest of the city. Keukenhof means “kitchen garden”, but that doesn’t do justice to this multicolored sea of perfumed flowers. Fix your eyes on over 7 million blooms, many of which are the seductive tulip. Keep in mind this is a transient delight, open from mid-March to mid-May. Consider this great deal here for more Amsterdam tulips that are fit for a king.

Where to stay in Amsterdam

You’re spoilt for choice when considering where to stay in Amsterdam. Once a gritty, working-class neighborhood, the Jordaan has since transformed into one of the most sophisticated areas in town, lined with art galleries, boutiques, and hip restaurants. If looking for a cheap hotel, check out the plethora of budget hotels in the Old Center, a stone’s throw from the famous Red Light District. Or, when thinking about where to stay in Amsterdam, consider a canal boat!

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