Why visit Amsterdam and things to do in the city

Why visit Amsterdam and things to do in the city

You might be wondering “why would I visit Amsterdam?” when there are so many other European cities worth visiting. Well, Amsterdam is one those places you just have to visit and see for yourself at least once in your lifetime, like Paris or Rome. But what makes Amsterdam so unique? Beautiful architecture, world-renowned museums and attractions, an unparalleled nightlife and a multicultural open-minded society are some of the things that make Amsterdam one of the most interesting cities in Europe. But let’s put the question of why visit Amsterdam aside and focus on a more important one: what to do in Amsterdam!

What to do in Amsterdam: a brief recap

We’ve answered the question of what to do in Amsterdam before, focusing mainly on a single topic every week. So let’s take a look back at some of the topics we’ve covered on our blog so far—just in case you missed any of our previous articles—to give you a better idea of what to do in Amsterdam!

But besides covering what to do in Amsterdam, we’ve also written about topics like the Red Light District, coffee shops, where to see tulips, places to shop, hotels, the best restaurants and where to go to experience Amsterdam’s nightlife.

So if you’re still wondering what to do in Amsterdam, take a look at some of the previous entries on our blog by clicking on the ones you want to know more about. We try to cover every aspect of this great city! Hopefully, this will give you some inspiration on what to do in Amsterdam!


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