What is it about light and art that brings Amsterdam to life?

What is it about light and art that brings Amsterdam to life in the months December and January?

Amsterdam tips Events 13 November, 2017

What is it about light and art that brings Amsterdam to life in the months December and January?

The Amsterdam Light Festival of course!

Let’s find out what this festival is all about

The Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual event that showcases beautiful light installations on the Amsterdam canals. Set to return on November 30th this year and runs until late January 2018, the 6th edition of this amazing festival is one you wouldn’t want to miss if you’re an art fan, a lover of the Amsterdam canals or both. The festival literally puts the canals in the limelight and visitors are offered a chance to enjoy all that there is to this splendor via the Amsterdam canals and the ‘Illuminade’ land exposition. The Water Colors canal cruise provides the chance to see the major artworks from perspectives which give the right impressions of the characteristics of these artworks. It also provides visitors with excellent angles for exceptional pictures of the Amsterdam canals.

Light up the canals

The Amsterdam Light Festival is quickly becoming an international phenomenon. For international artists, it is a time to light up the canals and ‘wow’ people with their beautiful and mesmerizing works of art. For the citizens of Amsterdam and the Netherlands as well as visitors from other countries, it isn’t just a time to enjoy the unique and incredible artworks on the canals, but also the pomp and festivities that come with the Light Festival. Pomp and festivities because, at Lovers Canals Cruises, the annual festival is taken very seriously. Prins Hendrikkade, where the main dock of Lovers Canal Cruises is located is where you’ll find the party in full swing. There will be a DJ on the dock playing some of the liveliest tunes, stewards to show visitors to their boats as well as drinks and refreshments.

The festival's main highlight

Every year, the Amsterdam Light Festival is presented with a theme, and the one for the 2017-2018 edition is ‘Existential.’ With this theme, the idea is to stimulate visitors positively to reflect on what unites people and the role that light has to play in the unification of people in/from different parts of the world. This theme is presented at a time when the world could do with a bit more compassion, unity, love, and tolerance. One of the main highlights of the 2017-2018 edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival is a special debut for the world-renowned Chinese artist and activist, Ai Weiwei. He will be creating a light object called the ‘thinline,’ that connects all the artworks to be exhibited this year. It will be the first time since the existence of the Amsterdam Light Festival that the exhibition is presented in the form of a ‘thread.’ With ’thinline,' having an approximate length of 6.5 kilometers, Ai Weiwei’s unique piece sets the record as the longest object ever exhibited in the Light Festival.

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