Visit the Keukenhof Gardens in May

Visit the Keukenhof Gardens in May

May is the last month that the Keukenhof Gardens are open. While April is usually known as the best month to visit the park, it is also the busiest. In May things have calmed down, and the park is still wonderful and filled with events and shows to enjoy. In this blog, we’ll explain all the perks of visiting the gardens in its last month. On the 19th of May, the Keukenhof will close its doors to open again in 2020.


Every year the Keukenhof organizes multiple events around its main theme, holidays and about flowers in general. The theme this year is Flower Power. A throwback to the years of peace, love and of course flowers! In May you’ll get the change to visit the Keukenhof Gardens during these two events:

Romance at Keukenhof
On May 11th and 12th, the Keukenhof organizes a special event for Mother’s Day (in the Netherlands it's on May 12th). Find yourself transported to the 19th century with people dressed up in Romantic folkloric costumes, music from orchestras and ensembles and of course beautiful flowers.

Woodstock Festival
Between May 13th and May 19th, Keukenhof will get its inspiration from 1969. The days of the flower power will be brought back to life. With music from the era and a relaxing atmosphere today, the Keukenhof lets you relive that ultimate feeling of happiness.

Flower shows

The Keukenhof organizes flower shows throughout the season. More than 500 growers offer their prized blooms to arrangers who make the most beautiful creations. The flowers are shown inside, so it's especially perfect when it rains.

In May you can see the Alstroemeria show (May 1st - May 6st). The main breeding of the Alstroemeria (commonly known as the Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas) is done in the Netherlands. That’s why the most beautiful ones are shown here. You can also go to the largest lily show in the world (May 1st - May 19th) or the Amaryllis show (March 21st - May 19th).

Visit the Dutch Tulip Gardens this May!

What flowers are still in bloom in May is depended on the weather. The earlier in May you visit the park the more flowers you’ll probably see in bloom. But rest assured you will always find a perfect patch of flowers for a photo and the chances of good weather are much higher in May so it will most certainly be a day out to never forget.

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