Travel easily from Amsterdam to Giethoorn

Travel easily from Amsterdam to Giethoorn

Most people who visit the Netherlands stay in Amsterdam. So what if you want to see a bit more? In this blog, we’ll explain how to get from Amsterdam to Giethoorn and we’ll tell you more about this beautiful little village.A view of Giethoorn from the water

So picture yourself in a boat on a perfect summer day. Around you, there is lots of greenery, colorful plants, and fairytale-like thatched roof houses. There are no cars anywhere near so the only thing you hear is the light swishing of the water and the rustle of leaves. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? You can find it all only a bus ride away from Amsterdam in Giethoorn.

A village in the Netherlands with no roads

So, what is so special about Giethoorn? Well, there are no roads and only canals. To figure out why we have to go back and have a look at the history of this small Dutch village. It all started with the drainage of peat. To transport the peat many canals were created and because of this, the houses needed to be on the land that was left. All these ‘islands’ were then connected by 180 bridges. That makes Giethoorn look the way it does today and it is also how it got its nickname ‘Venice of the Netherlands’.

The most popular means of transportation in Giethoorn is on a boat. Back in the day, people sailed on boats called ‘punters’. In these boats, you had to stand up and steer with a big stick. This is why the bridges in Giethoorn are so high otherwise, people steering these boats would bump their heads. Till this day people move around in boats in Giethoorn. The most popular boat these days is the ‘fluisterboot’ (whisper boat). This boat makes practically no sound, so it doesn’t disturb the environment.

Visit the Venice of the Netherlands

There are multiple ways to get from Amsterdam to Giethoorn, but according to us, the best way is to go on a tour. This way you don’t have the hassle of going with pricy and slow public transport. The Giethoorn Tour also has a lot of other benefits. A knowledgeable guide will join you and show you the way. A boat tour is included, so no need to worry about how you can get around in a roadless town. Along the way, there will also be a stop at the amazing Afsluitdijk (Enclosing Dike), where you can take some impressive photo’s. Will we see you in Giethoorn this year?

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