To experience the real Europe, stay in a hostel

To experience the real Europe, stay in a hostel

Hotels 20 February, 2018

Let’s face it. Not every adventurer has the budget to stay in a hotel. The Hilton might be a swanky place, but for the rest of us, $250 a night is way out of our pay-grade. Luckily, there are hostels in Amsterdam where you can stay for as little as 20. Globe-trotters also often find they prefer the hosteling experience over staying in hotels. Hostels in Amsterdam run the gamut from bunk-beds to boutique guesthouses and are frequented by people of all ages and persuasions. Another bonus is meeting fellow travelers in the communal areas. They’re also often located above a bar, so bonding over a pitcher of beer with strangers comes easy when you stay in hostels in Amsterdam.

Hosteling is a surefire way to find a party in Amsterdam

A party in Amsterdam is easy to find in a hostel. Hanging out in the common area is an easy way to learn what other travelers have planned for their evenings. Synchronize with fellow adventurers and you can share cab fares with newfound friends and try activities you never considered. There’s always a party in Amsterdam, and when you link up with other travelers, it’s easy to learn what’s happening in the city that night. Another reason to choose a hostel is the communal kitchen. Vegetarian or vegan options aren’t always nearby when you stay at the Marriott, but you can shop for your favorite things to eat and prepare them for yourself at a hostel. Touristy restaurants can be risky, and you might wind up with an unsatisfying and expensive dud for a meal. When you prepare your own food, you can save a bundle and eat exactly what you want. A raw vegan dinner party in Amsterdam is one shopping trip away when you stay at a hostel in Amsterdam.

Hostels are great for budget travelers

Staying in hostels in Amsterdam is safe and fun for everyone. The city boasts a huge variety of them, and they’re mostly all within the historical center. Why blow half your paycheck on a hotel when you can pay a fraction of the price and get all the added benefit of a hostel? Take it from the pros and veterans, hostels in Amsterdam are a fantastic option for accommodations during your stay in the city.


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