There’s no better place for a stroll than Amsterdam

There’s no better place for a stroll than Amsterdam

Sightseeing Tours and Trips 11 December, 2017

Amsterdam is flat, compact and dazzlingly beautiful, preserving the exuberant charm of the Dutch Golden Age. That means you must think of walking tours when planning to travel here. Walking tours enable you to drink up those achingly-lovely 17th-century canals, verdant parks, uber-cool boutiques, and stylish merchant houses at a natural pace. Walking tours also give you access to the wealth of historical and cultural knowledge an experienced guide possesses. We know you want to be that traveler who returns home full of anecdotes. Check out this proposed walking tour route. You can get tickets for similar routes here.

Dam Square

Any self-respecting walking tour will stop by the beating heart of the city, the Dam Square. It is a 13th-century square, with food stalls, restaurants, and rambunctious locals. While here, be sure to stop by the opulent Koninklijk Palace (Royal Palace) on the west side of the Dam. Or just enjoy the square’s relaxed charm.

Red Light District

This fascinating labyrinth of narrow streets, canals and red-lit brothel windows is an integral part of Amsterdam’s identity and an interesting stop on any walking tour. Indeed, a walking tour is, in many ways, the best way to experience this notorious, oft-misunderstood district, as it provides security and context.


Catch your breath on the walking tour at this peaceful ‘almshouse’- a courtyard surrounded by tall buildings which initially housed nuns. One of the wooden houses here is the oldest in the city!

Walking tours - now with sustenance!

The very choicest in Dutch favorites will be offered to you on the walking tour, with stops at the best producers of stroopwafels (deliciously syrupy waffles), haring (herring) and jenever (a juniper-flavored drink of the Netherlands). Eet smakelijk!

Why visit Amsterdam?

The question ‘why visit Amsterdam’ has a multitude of answers. The city is at once perfectly preserved, with a dreamily lovely historic center, yet also modern and innovative, with boutiques, art spaces, and dance parties. So, why visit Amsterdam? Come find out for yourself!

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