The Top 5 Restaurants in Amsterdam

The Top 5 Restaurants in Amsterdam

Restaurants 15 May, 2017

There are hundreds of snack bars and hole-in-the-wall type places in Amsterdam and although fast-food is a popular option—with plenty of places selling döner, falafel, pizza,and hamburgers—there are many world-class restaurants in Amsterdam which are well worth a visit during your holidays. So if you’re looking for new and unique culinary experiences, Amsterdam is the place to be. What are the best restaurants in Amsterdam in terms of food and ambiance? Let’s take a look!

Fine dining restaurants in Amsterdam: a countdown!

#5 Restaurant Adam

Adam is one of the finest restaurants in Amsterdam due to their creative dishes and high-quality ingredients. It has a great ambiance and a good quality/price ratio. It is located on Overtoom 515, near the Vondelpark.

#4 Ciel Bleu

This chic restaurant in Amsterdam is located on the highest floor of the Okura Hotel and has earned two Michelin stars. It has a stylish, contemporary vibe and surprises with the creativity of its dishes.

#3 La Rive

La Rive combines a fantastic setting in the Amstel Hotel on the banks of the Amstel river with an exquisite avant-garde Mediterranean cuisine, which has earned it several Michelin stars over the years.

#2 De Silveren Spiegel

Great service and even better food make De Silveren Spiegel one of the most outstanding restaurants in Amsterdam. It’s housed in a historic building from the 17th century and offers perhaps the most traditional Dutch experience out of all the restaurants in Amsterdam on our list.

#1 Vinkeles

Another Michelin star awardee, Vinkeles might just be the best restaurant in Amsterdam. A creative menu, great ambiance and excellent service make it a superb choice for anybody looking for a unique dining experience in Amsterdam. It’s located in a former bakery from the 1700’s, on the Keizersgracht canal (one of Amsterdam’s most famous canals).

Where to stay in Amsterdam

If you are planning on visiting one (or several!) of these restaurants but haven’t decided on where to stay in Amsterdam yet, take a look at our previous article which covers hotels and other accommodations. It might help you out when deciding where to stay in Amsterdam!

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