Start your Dutch adventure at Amsterdam Airport

Start your Dutch adventure at Amsterdam Airport

Tours and Trips 07 May, 2018

Amsterdam Airport is an international airport located just 9 kilometers southwest of the city. At first glance, there isn’t much to distinguish it from any other globally-connected airport. There are the moving walkways to expedite transit passengers to the next leg of their journey. There is free wifi. There are places to buy SIM cards. They have a Burger King. But there are also plenty of things that make Amsterdam Airport unique among travel hubs. Just for starters, there is an internet center where travelers without mobile devices of their own may use desktop computers provided freely by the airport. Check on the status of your flights and do a little idle web-browsing, even if your phone got smashed in the Seychelles. There is also a fully stocked pharmacy with a 24-hour prescription pickup, which can be very handy if you have a long layover and a horrible hangover. There’s even an airport library with comfy reclining chairs and a collection of 1,200 books translated into 29 languages. This airport truly does have it all.

Pick up a map of Amsterdam before you leave the airport

Be sure to buy a map of Amsterdam in the airport before you take the train into the city. A map of Amsterdam is handy for ensuring you get the most out of your time in the capital. There are geographical maps and road maps available from most newsstands, but make sure you get a map of attractions and restaurants. All the old-timers on the European travel circuit will tell you that having a physical copy of a map in your hands beats any kind of mobile internet option any day. Put your phone in your pocket where it belongs and you won’t just experience Amsterdam as an observer, you’ll become a part of the action.

Your Netherlands experience starts at Amsterdam Airport

Amsterdam Airport has all the amenities you expect from a modern international airport, and a lot of things you wouldn’t expect either. From exercise bikes to smoking lounges, they’ve thought of every last thing to accommodate you while you wait for your flight. Whether Amsterdam is your final destination, or if you are passing through to another point on the globe, this airport is ultra-modern and could even be called luxurious (in the right light). You’re sure to enjoy your time there.

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