Popular areas to stay and where to find them on the Amsterdam map

Popular areas to stay and where to find them on the Amsterdam map

Map and Guides 11 July, 2017

There are so many awesome areas in Amsterdam, all offering something a little different. This blog will help you learn more about a selection of them and where to find them on the Amsterdam map. There’s so much to see and do, a great way to start out is a guided tour of the city.

Get to the Old Center thanks to the Amsterdam map

If you look at the Amsterdam map, as you would expect, the Old Center is right in the middle, surrounded by a ring of canals. It’s a great place to stay with plenty of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and places to pay for various trips. You can also do a canal cruise which is very popular in this area. You book online to save money.

Find the Grachtengordel West on the Amsterdam map

Grachtengordel West is situated just to the west of the central area when looking at the Amsterdam map and is also surrounded by canals. This area is perfect for a tranquil canal-side hotel. There are also cheaper options, located on the busier streets.

The Amsterdam Map is your guide to the Grachtengordel South

Open up your Amsterdam map, and you will see this zone, it is located slightly south of the center point and is famous for bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. If nightlife is your thing, you could consider a pub crawl or nightlife ticket.

There are several other areas further out, but the ones mentioned above are well located in the heart of the Amsterdam map and are a perfect base to explore the city and take many tours.

How to find cheap tickets in Amsterdam?

Once you’ve decided where to stay, the next step is fitting in all the fantastic stuff to do in Amsterdam. Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, everyone enjoys a bargain! There is a way to find cheap tickets for almost anything you want to do in Amsterdam. Booking online in advance is the best way for cheap tickets to all the top trips and tours. Securing bargain prices is not the only advantage of planning though. You will often cut down on queuing times for things like The Van Gogh Museum by purchasing tours on the web.

Amsterdam is such a great city to visit. Hopefully, this guide will help you navigate the Amsterdam Map and remind you to book online for your bargains!

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