Popular Amsterdam Coffee Shops

Popular Amsterdam Coffee Shops

Coffee shops 23 January, 2018

One in four people visits Amsterdam for her coffee shops, where it is more-or-less legal to buy and consume marijuana. Amsterdam Coffee Shops had existed since the 1970s when the government began distinguishing between “hard” and “soft” drugs, and have since morphed into one of Amsterdam’s more iconic entities.

There are some important things to know about Amsterdam Coffee Shops. For instance, be aware that it is not legal to smoke in Amsterdam per se, instead, it is not illegal to smoke in Amsterdam Coffee Shops. Moreover, know that you must be 18 years and over to enter the coffee shops of Amsterdam and can purchase a maximum of 5 grams per day. Finally, you’ll recognize them by the sign on the door that says “coffeeshop”!

Once you’ve read this article, proceed to enjoy the next coffee shops. We’ve picked three from an estimated 200 Coffee Shops in Amsterdam.

1e Hulp

Found at Marnixstraat 194 close to the Anne Frank House, this favorite among the beloved Amsterdam Coffee Shops was started by two friends in the mid-90s. It is famed for its welcoming ambiance, far-eastern design and the quality of the products.


Just a stone’s throw from the famous floating flower market at Handboogstraat 29, this Amsterdam Coffee Shop is loved for its high-quality products, pleasant atmosphere, and sparkling blood orange drink.

Smoke Palace

Of the Amsterdam Coffee Shops, this one is popular with locals, attracted by its spacious basement. It is a little further out, in the east of the city, at Linnaeusstraat 83.

What to visit in Amsterdam

What to visit in Amsterdam is a question with a thousand different answers. Try the historical and staggeringly beautiful Canal Ring, which slices through the city center in a series of concentric circles. Or the gloriously renovated Rijksmuseum, spilling forth with Dutch treasures. There’s also the moving Anne Frank House and the tranquil Begijnhof, a 14th-century almshouse. Or for fun that’s educational, try the Heineken Brewery and BODY WORLDS. What to visit in Amsterdam? Everything! For some cheap tours and tickets options, go here.

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