Nightlife: Amsterdam music scene

Nightlife: Amsterdam music scene

Nightlife 15 May, 2017

When making a list of cities around the world with the best nightlife, Amsterdam simply cannot be ignored. From lively clubs and flashy discos to low-key underground bars, Amsterdam has it all. One of the things that sets Amsterdam’s nightlife apart from the rest is its active music scene. This is part one of a series of articles in which we will cover the nightlife in Amsterdam. This week we are focusing on the best places to go to if you want to see live shows and experience the nightlife in Amsterdam!

The top 3 concert venues

If you’re looking for an active music scene and a vibrant nightlife, Amsterdam is the place to be. Here are our top 3 picks for where to see live shows in Amsterdam:

#1 Paradiso is a world-famous venue at the heart of the city center which is housed in a former church from the 19th century. It has hosted performances by Nirvana, Jamiroquai, The Rolling Stones, Adele, Nick Cave, Deftones, Joy Division, Duran Duran, David Bowie, Daft Punk, Pink Floyd and Amy Winehouse, to name but a few.

#2 Another hotspot of Amsterdam’s nightlife is the Melkweg cultural center. Housed in a former dairy factory (the name Melkweg actually means ‘Milky way’ in Dutch), it attracts big-name artists as well as up-and-coming local and international bands.

#3 If you’re interested in discovering a more off-the-grid nightlife, Amsterdam’s De Nieuwe Anita is the place to be. This venue has been gaining more and more popularity as of late, yet it still retains its underground roots. It’s a low-profile, idiosyncratic bar that’s almost hidden in plain sight just outside of the main touristic areas, with a friendly atmosphere and a small stage that lets you get up close to the bands.

Stay tuned for our next article on where to party in Amsterdam

Besides its phenomenal concert venues, there are also plenty of places to dance and party in Amsterdam. In our next edition of articles covering the diverse nightlife Amsterdam has to offer, we’ll tell you which clubs to go to if you are looking to dance the night away and party in Amsterdam.

What are you still waiting on? Come and discover the unique nightlife Amsterdam has to offer!

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