King's Day in Amsterdam

King’s Day in Amsterdam

Events 27 March, 2019

Next month Holland is transforming into an orange wonderland. The Dutchies are dressing up and painting their face in bright orange. But, why? Well, on Saturday the 27th of April 2019 the Dutchies celebrate the birthday of the king: King’s Day!

What is King’s Day?

As said before on King’s Day (formerly Queen’s day) the Dutchies celebrate the birthday of the King. However, in reality, it’s actually an excuse to party hard. The celebrations take place all over the Netherlands, but the ‘real deal’ is in Amsterdam! Every street is decorated in orange, and there is music everywhere. It’s by far the largest outdoor festivity of the year. If you come to Holland during King’s Day, don’t be surprised if you see everyone covered from head to toe in orange. The color oranje (orange) is a show of pride for the Dutch Royal Family, the House of Oranje-Nassau. And every year the royal family visits a town in the Netherlands as part of the celebrations, this year they visit Amersfoort.Board with date of King's Day written on it

Where to go on King’s Day?

The birthday of the king is celebrated everywhere in Holland. If it’s your first time in Holland during King’s Day the best way to start is in Amsterdam. Here you can party for free on every streets corner. Popular places to celebrate King’s Day are Museum Square, Leidse Square, and Rembrandt Square. However, the streets from Central Station until every corner of the city center of Amsterdam are filled with small stages where you can find music. So be prepared for a crowded but fun atmosphere!

Later on, it’s a great idea to join one of the fantastic festivals. The festival Kingsland is one of the most popular King’s Day festivals in Holland. Imagine a lot of happy, dancing people all dressed up in orange. And the line-up is filled with a lot of famous Dutch entertainers. Do we need to say more?

Street Sale

Amsterdam is a city built on trade, and we Dutchie love to haggle and bargain. And on King’s Day, we can do both! For this one day, everyone is allowed to sell stuff on the streets, like old books or clothes. And for you, it’s the ultimate way to buy something unique for a cheap price. Cool souvenirs guaranteed!

When is King’s Day in Amsterdam?Orange flags during King's Day in Amsterdam

The birthday of the king of Holland is celebrated on Saturday the 27th of April, 2019. Before King’s Day, the Dutchies celebrated Queen’s day. This was on the 30th of April. So don’t make the mistake to arrive in orange clothes on this date (happens every year 😉.)

Activities on King’s Day

Be aware that most of the attractions and museums are closed on King’s Day. However, some of the most popular hotspots like the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum stay open during King’s Day. You could also join one of our tours like Keukenhof Tulip Garden or the Countryside & Windmills Tour. Be sure to check the opening hours of the attractions and departure times of our tours.

Why not go on a canal cruise during King's Day? Experiencing it from the water that day is definitely something else! The boats sail until 2 PM. 

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