Join @Dutchie on the Mobile Photography Tour

Join @Dutchie on the Mobile Photography Tour

There is a lot to photograph in Amsterdam. This photogenic city sure loves to be captured on camera. What better way to prepare yourself for a trip than by scrolling through Instagram for some beautiful photos. You’ll instantly be inspired. Almost every street corner gives you a reason to pull out your phone and snap a picture and that is exactly what a lot of people do and they share their pictures directly on Instagram. You’ll find a great dose of inspiration for your Amsterdam trip on Instagram.

Amsterdam on Instagram

There are many Instagram accounts that focus on Amsterdam. Allow me to introduce you to some great ones, that will definitely inspire you for your trip to Amsterdam.

And of course, we can’t forget our own Tours & Tickets Instagram page. Through our Instagram account, we like to show you how beautiful Amsterdam is and if you use #ToursandTickets with your photo you might even get featured!

This Amsterdam Instagram lover searches for the best spots in Amsterdam to take amazing pictures. Read along to learn more about him and the Mobile Photography Tour he guides.

Charlotte is a big lover of Amsterdam and a great photographer. You’ll find romantic pictures of the canals, beautiful rooftop views and nice close-ups on her Amsterdam Instagram account.

With the same concept as Humans of New York, Humans of Amsterdam on Instagram sheds light on the inhabitants of the Netherlands biggest city. Laugh or shed a tear while reading these lovely stories.

This account, run by Daan Vazquez, gets really creative with his pictures of Amsterdam on Instagram. He uses various camera tricks to create interesting and artsy pictures.

Mobile Photography Tour by Dutchie

Do you always share your travel pictures with your friends and family on Instagram? Want to take your Instagram game to a higher level? Join our Amsterdam Mobile Photography Tour. The tour is guided by local Instagrammer Dennis. His Instagram account @Dutchie has more than 100k followers. During the tour, he will show you his favorite Amsterdam spots and also teach you how to capture the best photo possible of what you see right at that moment. Join this amazing tour and blow your followers away with your amazing pictures of Amsterdam on Instagram!

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