In the Red Light District, Amsterdam shows its other side

In the Red Light District, Amsterdam shows its other side

If there’s anything this historic city is famous for, it is without a doubt the Red Light District. Amsterdam (and the Netherlands more broadly) have historically held permissive points of view on things that more conservative cultures may find taboo, such as the sex trade and cannabis-use. Nowhere in the city is this liberal worldview more evident than in the Red Light District. Amsterdam working girls gaze out from their glass windows, advertising their wares and enticing prospective clients with a wink, a shimmy, and a smile. The warm buzz of red neon gives their skin an otherworldly red glow and they beckon to curious men who may smile or fidget nervously as they pass by. It is this aesthetic, of the rose-colored lights and floor-to-ceiling windows, that most characterizes the Red Light District.

Explore this iconic part of the city with a map of Amsterdam

No trip to the city is complete without a visit to the Red Light District, and having a map of Amsterdam in your hand helps a whole lot to make sure you see everything important. The maze-like alleyways that make up the majority of the neighborhood can be difficult to navigate and it’s easy to get lost without a guide. That’s why a map of Amsterdam is so handy for tourists who want to explore the city without any special help. A map can tell you where everything you want to see is located, and may even point out some attractions you didn’t even know existed. Most importantly, you’ll never get lost in the back-streets when you use a map. Get one at a Tours & Tickets store nearby.

Thrills await you in the Red Light District Amsterdam

In Amsterdam’s ideologically permissive environment, erotic entertainment has thrived and the sex industry continues to develop new inroads to making their lucrative trade. Whereas in most countries you’ve got to read seedy newspapers and troll the classified ads to spend time with a working girl, in Amsterdam all it takes is a stroll down the right street and a little courage. So gather up your nerve, bring an open mind, and prepare for a decidedly different tourism experience in the Red Light District, Amsterdam.


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