Enjoy Amsterdam Holidays of a lifetime

Enjoy Amsterdam Holidays of a lifetime

Amsterdam tips 27 February, 2018

There is no better way to travel and spend your Amsterdam Holidays than in the Dutch capital. Where else in the world can you find a place filled with citizens who have assembled from across the globe? A place so rich in culture, life, art, and expression that it is practically oozing from its pores, or more accurately, its cobblestone streets! Your Amsterdam Holidays will be spent in a land where you feel as if you can hear the birds chirping with the rhythm of nature, alongside pedestrians and cyclists going about their day as they whizz past you. A place where the people feel as if they are completely relaxed and at peace, and any form of chaos or noise seems to come more from the tourists themselves. Amsterdam Holidays will be spent in a city that is like no other, one in which you can feel the paradox of rules, regulations, and order alongside total freedom and play. With coffee houses sprawled throughout the city, and the oddities such as the controversial Red Light District paired with incredibly clean streets and low-crime rates; it makes you wonder what makes this city work so well!

Feel alive when you travel to Amsterdam

Travel to Amsterdam to discover why so many people flock here from all over the world. If you are going to spend your Amsterdam Holidays here, get to know every nook and cranny of the city by going on an Extended City Bike Tour. If you are feeling festive and want to try something different, add a little bit of flavor while cruising the iconic UNESCO World Heritage Listed canals by going on an Amsterdam Pizza Cruise. On this cruise, you can enjoy a delicious pizza as well as unlimited drinks while exploring the waterways.

So much to explore

With so many districts to explore, all within a short distance from each other, your Amsterdam holidays will have the perfect balance of city life and a relaxed small town feel. There are many museums that you can choose from during your Amsterdam holidays. The Tropenmuseum is often underlooked, but happens to be one of the largest museums dedicated to Anthropology in the world! With artifacts from global cultures, it's no wonder why they say the Dutch capital is an excellent place to come and enrich your mind and soul!

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