Enjoy a wonderful time in Amsterdam

Enjoy a wonderful time in Amsterdam

Attractions Nightlife Sightseeing 14 February, 2018

The Dutch capital is visited by people from all over the world. With its eclectic residents, its open-minded atmosphere, and fusion of old and new style architecture; it has become a mecca for globetrotters coming to experience an alternative culture. A city oozing with freedom and creativity, you will surely be entertained during your time in Amsterdam. It is also considered the cyclist capital of the world, with almost more bikes than people! Spend your time in Amsterdam like a local with a jam-packed bicycle tour. The UNESCO World-Heritage Listed Canals dating back to the Golden Age are also a must-see during your time in Amsterdam. With charming gabled houses nestled between the winding waterways, and with many of the cities most notable attractions accompanying them they are a sight for sore eyes. Relax and enjoy the city the way it was meant to on an Amsterdam canal cruise.

So many cheap tickets to choose from

You can experience many of the best tours during your time in Amsterdam through Tours & Tickets. Enjoy cheap tickets to the best nightclubs in the city during an Amsterdam nightlife tour. Here you will get to see what everyone is talking about when they say that your time in Amsterdam isn't complete without a peek into its nightlife (especially if there are cheap tickets involved). You can also visit excellent museums; get yourself cheap tickets to the impressive Rijksmuseum where you can see the works of the famous Van Gogh and bask in a collection of almost 8,000 paintings from a variety of classical artists.

Enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of Amsterdam

With its many iconic coffee houses and the controversial Red Light District, your time in Amsterdam will surely be one of the most entertaining and mind opening adventures. You can explore the district and all of its intricacies during a Red Light District Walking Tour. It happens to be one of the few places in the world where prostitution is fully legal! Don’t take pictures of the women though, they are known to come after your cameras and don’t appreciate the photo opportunity. Your time in Amsterdam will be a journey in which you experience a place with a diversity that is unparalleled by any other place on earth.

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