Enjoy a cozy bed and breakfast Amsterdam

Enjoy a cozy bed and breakfast Amsterdam

Hotels 15 May, 2018

Looking for an alternative and comforting way to spent your holiday in the Dutch capital? Try out a bed and breakfast Amsterdam so you can feel soothed and relaxed during your time in this gorgeous city. Who wants to stay in an unwelcoming hotel when you can have the time of your life in a bed and breakfast Amsterdam? These are conveniently located throughout the city, with a lot of them in the city center, where many of the cities museums, cafes and local attractions are located. There are also a few around the hip Jordaan district. Spend your vacation in the most welcoming and heartwarming way possible by enjoying your very own bed and breakfast Amsterdam.

Why visit Amsterdam

There is an overabundance of answers as to why visit Amsterdam. One of the first things that come to mind are the charming canals that make the Dutch capital the "Venice of the North." Add personal service to your trip by booking a bed and breakfast Amsterdam, and find romance by going on a Candlelight Canal Cruise. Here you can enjoy a delicious tasting of some of Hollands finest wine and local cheeses. Not to mention see the city under the stars, moonlight, and by unforgettable candlelight! Now you'll have an answer ready when people ask you, why visit Amsterdam?

Get right to the good stuff

There is so much to marvel at with your very own eyes during your stay at a bed and breakfast Amsterdam. If you have a love of liquor, you can try a sample tasting and explore where the world renown Bols Jenever (Genever) was created on a House of Bols Tour. Here you can enjoy expert bartenders and impressive facilities. You can also take a break from the city and go to the fresh air of Holland on a Dutch Countryside Tour where you can explore windmills, learn how traditional wooden clogs are made, visit local dairy factories and more. No matter what you decide, It will certainly be an experience to remember for a lifetime.

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