Dutch windmills

Dutch windmills

Sightseeing 04 October, 2018

Dutch windmills are undoubtedly the most famous landmarks of the Netherlands. Everyone who thinks of the Netherlands thinks of wooden shoes, tulips, and windmills! That is why Tours & Tickets offers regular excursions from Amsterdam to the Dutch windmills of the Zaanse Schans and the fisherman’s village Volendam. It is a trip not to be missed if you want to see more than just the city center of Amsterdam!

See the Dutch windmills that helped shape the country

Windmills are an important part of making the Netherlands what it is today. Because the country is about as flat as can be, the wind has free reign most of the time. Annoying? Sometimes, especially when cycling the wrong way, but also a significant power source! The windmills at the Zaanse Schans are actually among the first fully industrial regions in the world and they help make mustard, paint, oil, and paper. Windmills also quite literally shaped the Netherlands. They were used to pump the water out of submerged meadows and even to reclaim whole areas from the sea. If it were not for the Dutch windmills, your trip to Amsterdam would look a whole lot different!

Expand your horizon by joining the Countryside and windmills tour

Some tourists never venture beyond the city limits. Mostly because they are only in town for a few days. The Countryside and Windmills tour by Tours & Tickets makes it possible to visit the countryside, even if your time is limited. Discover another side of the Netherlands and see the windmills with your own eyes by booking your excursion via the website!

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