Best places to visit in Amsterdam

The best places to visit in Amsterdam

Attractions Amsterdam tips 04 September, 2018

What are the best places to visit in Amsterdam? Is it the Red Light District, the Heineken Experience, or the newly restored Rijksmuseum featuring famous paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Hals? Well, yes of course. All of these places are very much worth your time, but what if this is not your first visit to the city? Or maybe you want to see something different in Amsterdam, someplace that isn’t flogged by tourists. Tours & Tickets offers you guided tours and tickets for some of the best, most interesting and largely undiscovered places to visit in Amsterdam.

The best unknown places to visit in Amsterdam

Did you know that the Red Light District has a museum where you can have your picture taken as a real ‘working girl’? Or that you can visit the actual house of the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn? And did you know that Amsterdam has a museum where you can learn all about hash, marihuana, and hemp? These are just a few examples of the best unknown places to visit when you are in Amsterdam. All of these museums and attractions are very much undiscovered by the masses. You can find your tickets right here at Tours & Tickets!

Why walk when you can cruise?

When you get to the city center of Amsterdam, you will notice the historic canals that offer Amsterdam its unique characteristics. If you want something different then a regular canal cruise, join the Cruise Like A Local tour during your visit, which takes you past many of the best places Amsterdam has to offer. Why walk when you can cruise? Especially since two drinks are included in the tour and you’ll get the change to design your own route.

Buy tickets and make reservations online

Make the most of your stay in the Dutch capital and visit undiscovered places. Make your reservations for guided tours and canal cruises safe and easy at our website.

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