Amsterdam Sightseeing: How To Choose?

Amsterdam Sightseeing: How To Choose?

Sightseeing 21 September, 2017

Amsterdam is one of the most famous, trendy, and beautiful cities on earth, with more parks, museums, waterways and fun events than you thought possible. Which means that Amsterdam sightseeing can be a little overwhelming - there’s the Rijksmuseum, overflowing with Vermeer’s and Rembrandt’s, 165 canals that snake through an 800-year-old historical center, Anne Frank’s house, a crazily colorful nightlife, as well as the fascinating grotesquerie of BODY WORLDS. Amsterdam sightseeing is truly a world of possibility, and best experienced with a guide.

Weather in Amsterdam and When To Go (*Spoiler - all year long)

The weather in Amsterdam is considered mild, with mellow midday highs of 22 degrees in summer and brisk winter temperatures that peak at 8 degrees. This means that Amsterdam sightseeing can be enjoyed at any time of year.

Amsterdam is by its very nature a watery city, surrounded on three sides by H2O, and etched with kilometers of canals. For some seriously laid-back and stunning Amsterdam sightseeing, grab tickets for a cruise of her winding waterways, where you can enjoy sights of the Anne Frank House, the Red Light District, as well as Amsterdam’s myriad bridges.

Or, if you prefer your land legs, simply walk her whimsical cobbled-stone streets to soak up the very best in Amsterdam sightseeing. Consider stopping by Dam Square, Amsterdam’s rectangularly shaped historical and cultural heart, before heading down to the tranquil courtyard, Begijnhof (constructed in the middle ages, it lies one meter below the rest of the city). Better yet take a walking tour to get the most from your sightseeing. Amsterdam is beautiful in any weather.

Meanwhile, when the weather in Amsterdam is hot or cold out, check out the wildly popular tourist attraction, the Heineken Brewery. Here, in this cavernous and beautifully-maintained brewery hall, with its softly glowing brass beer tanks and four levels of fascinating brewing paraphernalia, you can enjoy the authentic flavors of Dutch history. Skip the queue and get tickets to this authentic historical attraction here.

Your head must be swimming with Amsterdam sightseeing possibilities, so narrow your options by checking out these tried-and-true options. And remember: you can always come back more for more sightseeing. Amsterdam awaits you with a hearty ale!

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