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Amsterdam hotels: a beginner’s guide!

Hotels 02 March, 2017

Imagine you have your whole trip planned out—everything you’re going to do and see and you’re already daydreaming about being on holiday. Then shortly before the trip, you realize you overlooked one important detail: where you’re going to stay. This is usually when you go online and book the first thing you see what's available, usually paying more than if you had booked earlier or had done more research. So to serve as a reminder and to help you get the best deals when you visit Amsterdam, here is a beginner’s guide to Amsterdam hotels!

Where to stay in Amsterdam

You have a couple of options when deciding where to stay in Amsterdam. There are premium 5* hotels, regular hotels, bed & breakfast boutique hotels, low-key hostels as well as room offering services such as AirBnB and Couchsurfing. So when choosing where to stay in Amsterdam, keep your needs and your budget in mind. There are over 400 hotels in Amsterdam, so there are plenty of options of where to stay in Amsterdam.

Where are most Amsterdam hotels located?

The majority of Amsterdam hotels are located in the historic city center, although there are also several options in the less-centric parts of town and in the suburbs.

How much do Amsterdam hotels charge per night?

On average, Amsterdam hotels charge around €150 per night, but prices can vary greatly depending on location, a number of stars and the time of year of your visit. It’s possible to find cheap shared accommodation in hostels for as little as €25 per night, while most hotels cost upwards of €60, going as high as €400 for 5* Amsterdam hotels. In general, they tend to be more expensive the closer they are to the city center.

Where should I book tickets to Amsterdam hotels?

The easiest way is to use one of the many hotel booking websites available online. However, these services sometimes charge a booking fee, so it’s always a good idea to use them to find a hotel and then check if the hotel website advertises a lower price. If you choose for independent services such as AirBnB, Couchsurfing, etc, make sure that the person renting the room has clear pictures of it and enough positive reviews to avoid scams and disappointments.

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