Amsterdam coffee shops: an overview

Amsterdam coffee shops: an overview

Coffee shops 06 September, 2017

One of Amsterdam’s most appealing and iconic attractions is the coffeeshop: cafes where the consumption of marijuana and other soft drugs is permitted. Frequented by people from all over the world, the over 150 Amsterdam coffee shops come in all shapes and sizes, from the cozy and the grungy, to the opulent and sophisticated. Amsterdam coffee shops are a fascinating place to consume cannabis while eating delicious food and soaking up the ambiance.

Amsterdam coffee shops and their laws

Amsterdam coffee shops are about having a pleasurable but responsible time. Therefore, observe the following laws when visiting Amsterdam coffee shops:

  1. You must be over 18 years old to make a purchase- make sure you take an ID as this is strictly enforced
  2. Individuals can only buy 5 grams a day
  3. It is not legal to buy cannabis on the street
  4. Cigarettes and alcohol are prohibited within Amsterdam coffee shops (but you can enjoy hot chocolate, coffee, and soft drinks!)

Also keep in mind that the soft drug policy in Amsterdam is one of tolerance, as opposed to active encouragement. Not all locals smoke or consume marijuana.

Amsterdam coffee shops and common-sense tips

The marijuana in Amsterdam is described by many as being stronger than those of other countries, so smoke, vape or eat responsibly! Generally, the higher the price, the more potent the product, but feel comfortable asking the staff about what you can expect.

How do I identify the Amsterdam coffee shops?

Generally, Amsterdam coffee shops will say ‘coffeeshop’ on the window, and official coffee shops will include a green and white license sticker. However, they might not jump out at you, as Amsterdam coffee shops are not permitted to advertise.

How do I order at Amsterdam coffee shops?

You can order at the counter, where you will likely find a laminated menu. Often, there will be pre-rolled joints for sale.

Weather in Amsterdam

The weather in Amsterdam is thankfully quite mild. The city enjoys the four seasons, with crisp, cold winters and long, sunny summers. The weather in Amsterdam makes the Dutch capital perfect to visit at any time of year, but be sure to read ahead so you pack the right clothing. Or, contact Tours & Tickets Amsterdam, to inquire about the best time to do canal cruises and museum tours.

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