Amsterdam breaks can be enjoyed by everyone

Amsterdam breaks can be enjoyed by everyone

Amsterdam tips 01 March, 2018

Amsterdam breaks can be enjoyed by everyone

The Dutch capital is a small yet explosive city with inhabitants from all corners of the world. Spend your Amsterdam breaks in a city that is deeply connected to its history but moving forward towards the future! There are many colorful characters to meet while enjoying your enriching Amsterdam breaks. If you are looking for an adventure outside of Amsterdam, it is highly recommended that you check out the Charm of Holland Tour. You will enjoy a lovely expedition to the outskirts of Amsterdam to witness iconic windmills, a traditional cheese factory, and see a traditional wooden clog being made. If you are going on Amsterdam breaks, it is imperative that you experience the conventional folklore alongside the modern cityscapes.

An activity for every type of weather in Amsterdam  

Whether the sun is shining above you at full force or you are wandering through the rain, there are many tours and experiences that will cater to the different kinds of weather in Amsterdam. If you are visiting during the spring, you can enjoy one of the most delightful attractions in all of the Netherlands, The Keukenhof gardens. This colorful and captivating place is a perfect visit during your Amsterdam breaks, it boasts gardens of over seven million flowers of immense varieties, enough to wow any world traveler. If the weather in Amsterdam is on the gloomier side of the spectrum, you can take a wonderful tour through the largest museum of modern art in the Netherlands, the Stedelijk Museum. This museum houses over 90,000 objects within its magnificent building. If you are looking to enjoy a good drink in an interesting environment, be sure not to miss the ice bar Amsterdam.

Explore the Dutch capital to the fullest

Whoever you may be or wherever you may come from in the world, Amsterdam breaks can be enjoyed by almost anyone. From absolute nature lovers to city dwellers and all that lies in between, the Dutch Capital is the place for you, so choose for an Amsterdam break! We assure you: you won’t regret it.

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