Top things to do in Amsterdam at night

Top things to do in Amsterdam at night

Top things to do in Amsterdam at night

Nights in Amsterdam have something magical to them. As soon as the sun goes down, the city's buzzing nightlife starts coming to life while the lights shimmer on the waters and illuminate the charming merchant houses. Whether you want to unwind and enjoy the calm night ambiance, discover the city and its top attractions from a different angle or dive into Amsterdam's nightlife in the city centre, the Dutch capital caters to all tastes and is the perfect backdrop for unforgettable nights.

Go on a polar mission

Amsterdam IcebarLet’s get the party started at the one and only Amsterdam Icebar! Literally, the coolest bar in the city will welcome you with a nice cocktail or beer before letting you into a room which has a constant temperature of -10 degrees. Warm up with a shot of flavoured vodka and enjoy this ice cold experience.

Join a team of explorers in the quest of finding the Northeast Passage to the Indies and step into the actual Icebar where everything is made entirely out of ice – from the walls and the furniture to the glasses you’re drinking your cocktail out of! Explore the island of Nova Zembla and try to brave the cold with a delicious drink in your hand.

Have dinner during a canal cruise

Bring the best of two worlds together by hopping on one of the boats from LOVERS Canal Cruises and feasting on a delicious pizza from New York Pizza, ice cream for dessert included! The New York Pizza Cruise by LOVERS is the best way to see the historic Amsterdam canals in combination with good food.

Make the cruise even more memorable by stepping on board with friends, family or a special someone for a unique experience. Cruise through the iconic canals, passing by the beautiful merchant houses and enjoy the best pizza in town!


The A’DAM LOOKOUT Tower is open everyday until 10 p.m. and offers a breath-taking view all over the city that is even more mesmerizing at night! From the panorama platform, you can see the historic city centre, the vibrant harbour, the unique Dutch polder landscape as well as the famous canals.

A’DAM further consists of ‘Over The Edge’, Europe’s highest swing! Adventurers and those not afraid of height can go up 100 meter in the sky and swing over the lookout’s edge with Amsterdam to their feet.

Red Light District

Visit the world's first museum of prostitution

Red Light Secrets is the first museum of prostitution in the world, located in the heart of the Red Light District. It is open till 8 p.m. and it makes for the perfect start of a night out in the Red Light District.

Learn more about the life and history of the working girls in Amsterdam and experience what it is like to sit behind one of the windows first hand. Listen to the women telling their stories and discover the business from their perspective.

Join Amsterdam's Museum Night

When visiting Amsterdam in November, you should not miss out on the famous Museum Night! Accompanied by exciting parties and events, you can visit almost 60 different locations throughout the city, including unlimited access to the participating museums all night. All of them will have something special to offer.

What started out as a small initiative has now grown into a must-do in Amsterdam’s event calendar. Some of the museums participating include world-famous attractions like the Stedelijk Museum and the Van Gogh Museum. See Amsterdam’s museums in a completely new light after dark.

Take a look inside the human body

BODY WORLDSBODY WORLDS Amsterdam is open till 7 p.m. in the evening and one of Amsterdam’s most fascinating attractions! End your day in a fun and educational way and explore the inside of the human body and what makes us happy. BODY WORLDS displays real human bodies which have been plastinated, giving you unique glimpse into how our bodies work.

Discover the secrets of the body and well-being and get to know your own body better as well! Step on one of the new InBody machines to check out how balanced you are and which areas of your life could be improved. Another great thing about visiting later in the evening? It won’t be busy!

Go on an evening & night boat tour

The Amsterdam Evening & Night Boat Tour last departs at 9.30 p.m., making it the perfect boat trip to unwind and discover Amsterdam from a different angle. Enjoy the sunset from the boat or marvel at the historic 17th century canal ring and merchant houses dipped into light, depending on your preferred starting time.

Amsterdam is even more beautiful at night. Cruise through the famous canals seamed by charming merchant houses, colourful districts and historic attractions such as the Anne Frank house. Discover the Westerkerk, the Red Light District or the iconic Skinny Bridge. Discover the Dutch capital from a different perspective and unwind while the city around you comes to life.

Mix a cocktail at the House of Bols

House of BolsThe House of Bols takes you on journey through the fascinating history of the world-famous Bols Genever, better known as Dutch Gin. You cannot only taste Jenever and its ingredients yourself at different stages of the process but also see the impressive distillery.

The experience is further enriched by the Mirror Bar. The bartenders here will be happy to share some of their tricks with you and assist you in creating your own personalised cocktail! The last entry to the House of Bols on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., making it an exciting experience to end your day while triggering all your senses.

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