A city as old as Stockholm is filled with picturesque spots which make perfect backdrops and awe-inspiring views to fill your Instagram and TikTok feed. Which spots in the Swedish capital are must visits to show off on your feed? These are the most Instagrammable places in Stockholm you and your selfie-stick or photography loving friend can't miss when you visit Stockholm.

Historic Old Town

Gamla Stan is the original city centre of Stockholm, it is filled with cobblestone streets and colourful 17th and 18th century buildings. Make sure to visit Stortorget, Gamla Stan’s main square and the oldest square in the city. The colourful facades are not only one of the most photographed spots in the city but also make for a beautiful, postcard-like backdrop.

Another spot to visit in Gamla Stan is the picturesque street Prästgatan, which is lined by beautiful houses. The name, which translates to Priest Street, comes from this being where many priests from the Stockholm Cathedral and the German Church lived. In the corner of Prästgatan/Kåkbrinken, there's an actual rune stone from 1100 in the wall.

Crowned Skeppsholmsbron

The bridge between Skeppsholmen and Blasieholmen offers amazing panoramic views of Gamla Stan with the water and boats before it. In the middle of the Skeppsholmsbron stands a golden crown which stands exactly across the water from the Royal Palace. The crown is also a great device to play with perspective for your shot.

On the Blasieholmen side of the bridge stands the Nationalmuseum, which is home to the country’s largest art collection, including 16.000 paintings and 30.000 objects. On the other side of the bridge, on Skeppsholmen stands the Moderna Museet. This museum has an outside sculpture garden which makes for another great spot for photos.

The most Instagrammable spots in Stockholm

Standout buildings

Stockholm is home to a couple stand out buildings for which either the inside, outside or both are absolutely Insta-worthy. Such as Stockholm City Hall, a can’t miss spot on the Stockholm skyline with its 106 metre tall spire featuring the golden Three Crowns. Stockholm’s Stadhus is one of the country’s leading examples of national romanticism. In the summer you can climb up the tower for a spectacular view across the city.

Another standout building is the Stockholm Public Library, which is a great example of the style called Swedish Grace. From the outside the Stadsbiblioteket looks a bit like a big orange top hat, with a square bottom and a round top. Inside, the main circular hall is a booklovers paradise. But there is more to capture on the inside, such as the pyramid-like entrance and faux-Egyptian carvings in the entrance hall.

Panoramic views from Södermalm

The northern coast of Södermalm island has several spots with designated observation decks or spots hidden along the road from where you have great views of the city across the water. Such as Skinnarviksberget, the highest natural point of Stockholm. From here you have stunning views across Kungsholmen, Gamla Stan, City Hall and other sights.

On the opposite side of the Centralbron and Slussbron bridges from Skinnarviksberget, the historic street Fjällgatan offers magical views over Skansen, Skeppsholmen, Kastellholmen and Östermalm. In the warmer months, Fjällgatans Kaffestuga café offers ice cream, coffee and other treats to go along with the spectacular view.

Artistic Underground Stations

Stockholm’s metro system is filled with public art, especially the stations. Waiting for a train is a joy here as you can enjoy the art around you. Almost 90 of the 100 subway stations have been decorated in some way, shape or form. Some with paintings, mosaics and sculptures and others transport you to different worlds with breath taking art installations.

Some of the stations that really make for spectacular backdrops and photos include T-Centralen, Solna Centrum, Stadion and Kungsträgården. This last one is possibly the most stunning of them all and therefore the most photographed. Once it was the site of the majestic Makalös Palace and a French garden. Today these are referenced in the art underground, with the colour scheme – red, white and green – representing the French garden and replicas of statues of Makalös Palace around the station.

The most Instagrammable spots in Stockholm

Sights around Brunnsviken lake

The park areas around Brunnsviken lake are part of the Nationalstadsparken, the National City Park. On the western shore lies Haga Park, a natural escape for those who want to see more of the nature Stockholm has to offer beyond Royal Djurgården and Skansen. The park is home to many historic buildings: Gustav III’s pavilion, the Copper Tents, Haga Castle and the Butterfly House Haga Ocean.

On the opposite side of the lake lies Bergius Botanic Garden, where you’ll find luscious and sprawling gardens. The blooming flower beds, the herb garden and fruit trees will make for gorgeous photos. The Botanic Garden has two glasshouses, the Edvard Anderson Conservatory and the Victoria House, which is home to the world's largest water lily with its leaves spreading to a diameter of 2.6 metres!